Jessica and Victor

How We Met

We had known each other for about 4 years when we started dating. We have been co-workers in a big corporate environment, so in the beginning, sharing this news with the public wasn’t an option.

Because of our working relationship, we kind of knew going in that we can be really good working partners together, and being in a relationship further confirmed it. We share a lot of hobbies together such as rock climbing, snowboarding, yoga, hiking, and traveling, so having fun together was a no brainer. But what’s even more precious is that in the 2 years of dating, we learned to count on and rely on each other through very difficult scenarios like my grandfather passing away, a new job situation, moving in together, and him losing his dog of 14 years. We learned of each other’s need in times of despair, and supported and comforted each other exactly the way we needed. Simply put, we became a team. We jokingly use #weateam with each other quite a lot, because there are so many moments when it’s clear to us that we are simply a good team together.

Very soon we knew that what are what each other’s been searching for our whole lives, so things got serious, and we moved in together. The thing is, we still weren’t telling our colleagues, not due to unwillingness, but just out of convenience. We work together, and we would just prefer if people left our relationship status out of the equation on all levels. So for about 8 months it was a bit weird having to dance around the subject of “where did I move to” and “who did I go on my weekend get-away with”, etc.

And then everything changed on a snowboarding trip to Hokkaido, Japan.

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how they asked

Since we are both avid snowboarders and ramen fiends, Hokkaido made the perfect sense for our winter getaway. The day was February 21, in Sapporo city, Hokkaido, Japan. The night before we had just arrived at this sub-zero land of snow for this snowboarding trip. We got up early at 5 AM due to jet lag, took our time to enjoy the breakfast buffet (omg so yum, and soup curry is to die for!), and then headed out to see Sapporo city!

I get this question a lot about the next part of this day trip…”Were you expecting it?” We had gone engagement ring shopping about a month prior to the trip, so yes, I had some idea. Yet, I didn’t allow myself to indulge in the imagination of how he would propose because I still wanted to be surprised! And, surprised I TOTALLY was…

A 15-minute walk through Odori Park, 2 subway stations later, we were in Maruyama Park. Every corner of this park was covered in snow, and every surface was sparkling white. It’s hard not to feel spellbound by the sense of wonder when surrounded by nature’s beauty like this. So we walked around the park, checked out a few shrines, saw where the tourists were (not super interesting, all the shrines, to be honest) and took a lot of pictures. And then we were on our way back to the quieter part of the park.

So for a while, we were just walking, taking in the beautiful scenario, playing with snow, taking pictures… at least I was. We saw this untouched part of the park where all the snow was fresh and thought of exploring it. As I stepped onto the fresh snow, I was really focused on not tripping over, or not stepping into a hole underneath all the snow. And Victor goes, “Jessica…”

I turned around. He was on one knee, with a ring box in his hand! He then said, slowly, with trembling hands and face, “You know I take a lot of time to make important decisions in life, big or small. But this decision was easy, and I always knew I was going to do this. Would you marry me?”

And of course, I said yes!

The entire proposal, of course, went by like a blur. I had to check with him again afterwards on what exactly he said… since I was in such a daze. The rest of the trip felt like a honeymoon. We had such great fun snowboarding, eating all sorts of Japanese food, figuring out our way around Hirafu Village, and even things like grocery shopping, were so much fun.

I caught myself staring at my beautiful ring multiple times a day, feeling like the luckiest girl in the world! I can’t tell you how excited I am to embark on this next journey in our life… with the best partner I could ask for by my side.

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