Jessica and Tyler

How We Met: On New Years of 2009, I was working at Bakers Square in Livermore as a cashier. On that particular day, Tyler had dinner there with his sister. As I was ringing up their bill, Tyler thought to himself, “This girl has awesome eyes! I’m going to tell her!” So he did just that. I blushed like a cherry red tomato, obviously flattered. 
Tyler came back several days later to ask me to go bowling with him – and I did NOT hesitate to say yes! We had a fabulous time bowling and horse riding and doing other shenanigans into the wee hours of the night.
 Ever since that day, we have made the best out of each day always having fun with family and friends no matter what it is we are doing.

how they asked: On a cold November, morning Tyler took me (at 4am!) to Capitola, our favorite place. We watched as the sun rose up from the ocean, glowing the sky. We walked over to a raised rock in the middle of the beach and as the waves crashed all around us, he told me how he loved me more than anything. Then he pulled a gorgeous ring out of his jacket pocket and asked me if I would marry him. As I took in the moment, I managed to somehow say YES!
 The story couldn’t be more perfect for the two of us!

Photography provided by Lanie Louise Photography.