Jessica and Tyler

How We Met

Tyler and I met eight years ago in April 2010 at my very first job at a local ice cream shop called Cindy’s Soft Serve in Elkridge, Maryland. We were both sixteen but we went to different high schools. Tyler was EXTREMELY shy (apparently he barely talked to anyone his first year at Cindy’s) but he seemed to warm up to me a little bit during my first few shifts. He actually called me the wrong name my first night there, and that has been an ongoing joke between us over the years. My boss saw that we were getting closer and actually started scheduling us for the same shifts, so we were working together at least three times a week. We started dating on October 3rd, 2010.

how they asked

Tyler and I had plans to go to Food Truck Fridays at the local fire department with two of our close friends. While we were eating, people were yelling about something and when my best friend Danica asked what was going on, Tyler said “Someone’s proposing!” I just replied, “Shut up, no they’re not” and things went on as normal. It was extremely hot that day and Tyler said he was craving an ice cream from Cindy’s. Danica agreed that it sounded like a good idea, so we ended up driving over there after dinner for some dessert. When we got there, my boss was there so we were talking to him a bit while Tyler went inside to make some ice creams.

Let me just clarify that my boss still treats us like family, and allows us to go in and make our own orders, which is pretty awesome. So I went in to make my own ice cream sundae, and Tyler told me he was making mine and to go back outside and keep talking. So I did. Tyler came out, handed me my ice cream, and just continued talking to our friends and my boss. About halfway through the conversation, Tyler said to my boss “I need to show you what’s on the bottom of Jessica’s ice cream dish.” I thought he drew a stupid picture or something on the bottom of it – I don’t know. After showing it to my boss, Tyler turned it towards me so that I could see. Well, Tyler had written “Marry Me?” on the bottom of the dish. I 1000% thought he was kidding and didn’t realize he was serious until I saw the ring box. I couldn’t be happier that I get to marry my best friend!!

Special Thanks

Danica Malone
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