Jessica and Tom


How We Met

We met in college out one evening. It was like fate brought us together because we caught each other’s eye and turned away for a moment. Then at the same time we turned back around and Tom then came over to chat. I was leaving for a semester in Italy a few months from that moment and told Tom I was not looking to date, but Tom was always in my mind, from the Reese’s he sent for Valentine’s Day that arrived a month late, lol, to a few Skype sessions, upon my return we reunited and from then on it is history!

how they asked

A surprise trip to Florida during Christmas and Tom asking Jessica’s parents for her hand on February 14th, her parents anniversary, all led to their engagement on March 9, 2015.

Jessica was excited to enjoy some time in the sun and see her grandparents and Aunts and Uncles in March, little did she know that a proposal was only a few days away!

After a few days in the sun a dinner was planned for Jessica’s cousin’s and Grandma’s Birthday on Capitva Island at the Mucky Duck. Tom and Jessica headed to the beach at the restaurant hoping to catch the sunset first.

Jessica: After Tom dropped me off and met me on the beach he asked me to move away from the crowd and I began to suspect something. As we sat down to enjoy a drink on the beach Tom took my hand and asked me to stand. He then told me that during our trip to Capitva last year he knew that this is where he wanted to propose. Tom got down on one knee and I said yes with tears of joy!

There was one more surprise. Tom told me to look towards the restaurant and out jumped my family and Tom’s family, they all came down to surprise us and celebrate!

We followed the engagement with a champagne toast at sunset and a beautiful dinner.

Eng Ring