Jessica and Tom

Image 1 of Jessica and Tom

How We Met

Tom and I met on Bumble?. Of course, we both liked what we saw and decided to swipe right. I remember two things that attracted me to his profile….the fact that he was super hot and his bio said: “just looking for someone down to earth”. We sparked up a convo through our Bumble messenger and set up a date for a few days later. From the moment he greeted me at Flying Saucer I knew he was the one. We got a table and enjoyed each other’s company. Once it started to get late we said our goodbyes but not before he asked for a ride home. He told me he lived right across the street and he did. I drove him home and we left the date with no hug or kiss just an “I had a great time, bye”. I thought I’d never talk to Tom again…great another failed online date. But a few days later he contacted me and insisted that we go on another date so we did. We had an amazing time at a nice restaurant and he made me try oysters. He was tickled at my reaction to eating the oyster raw but very impressed that I took a risk. Once this date came to an end Tom walked me to my car and I offered to drop him off at his place again but he insisted on walking which confused me. Did I say or do something wrong? So as I went in for a goodbye hug and he kissed me like I had never been kissed before. I was speechless. After the kiss, we said no more and parted ways. We proceeded to keep in contact every day and planned to meet up for a third date soon. I knew I liked him and wanted to be with him exclusively but after a wonderful third date, I was confused on where we stood so one day while we were hanging out at his apartment I told him I had a question. I asked him where we stood and he asked what I meant so I elaborated and asked if we would eventually be a couple and he went on to say “I thought we were already a couple”. That was music to my ears and just about 2 years later here we are.

how they asked

Tom entered the Coast Guard in April 2017. This caused us to be away from one another quite a bit during the second year of our relationship. We were tested a lot and many life changes happened with him being away and in February 2018 I lost my mom. Tom was not able to be there for me physically during this difficult time and it hurt him to the core. He received his orders to North Carolina and when he found out he told me he wanted me and my son to go with him. I said I would go and it was not unexpected because we knew for a year it was possible he could be stationed far away from home, which is Houston. I bought a ticket to visit him just for a short weekend in Virginia in May.

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He booked a hotel and handled activities for the whole weekend. He picked me up from the airport and we caught up and just enjoyed each other’s company the first night. The next morning we woke up and watched the Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meagan. I thought it was so romantic and thoughtful that Tom set an alarm and woke me up to watch it since he knew I was stoked to see the ceremony. After watching the wedding we got dressed and went to the beach. We walked for a good while and picked up seashells on our way down the beach. I felt like he was going to propose because we stopped in one spot…. but then we kept going so I let that thought go. As we kept walking Tom found an almost secluded spot on the beach and asked if I would like to draw in the sand and being the kindergarten teacher that I am I said of course lol.

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As I wrote in the sand he did the same to my right. Suddenly an Air Force Jet flew by and he took a pic and told me to look. After the jet flew away he told me to come next to him because he had found another seashell so I did. I picked the shell up and he stayed down on one knee and once I looked inside of the shell I found a ring. I didn’t even look at the ring I immediately looked at him and he said “Will you marry me, I can’t wait any longer” and I bent down, hugged him and said yes while balling my eyes out. I couldn’t believe it had finally happened and in such a unique and romantic way like I’ve always dreamed of! I’m so excited to marry the love of my life and my best friend!

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