Jessica and Todd's Proposal with the Dolphins

IMG_0432How We Met: So, where to begin. I was a sophomore studying at the University of Central Florida. I was currently in a relationship with a boy who was in the fraternity Kappa Sigma. On his 21st Birthday, all of his friends met us out at the bar. At this point of our relationship, we were basically about to break up, but I figured might as well make it through the birthday festivities. So, at the bar after a few nights, this boy caught my eye, and he looked kinda familiar. So, me being an outgoing girl, I went up to him, and we began small talk, and took some shots together. His name was Todd. Turns out, he was in the same classes as all of my friends, and I had met him before. The night went on, and it ended with him getting my number, because he needed a ride down south for the Holidays.

Two weeks later, the Holidays approached, and Todd had texted me asking if I could give him a ride down, since I was going to the same place anyway. Of course, I had said yes. The entire car ride, the radio was blasting with all old 90’s songs, and Todd was not shy to say the least. He was bursting out the words of every song, whether they were correct or not, making it a very entertaining car ride. We arrived at the home he was spending the weekend at, and we said our goodbyes. We did not talk the entire weekend, until we made plans to head back up to Orlando.

Two weeks later, my boyfriend at the time and I broke up.

From that point on, Todd and I had been texting, non stop.

A month later, I decided I needed a job, and what better job when in college than to be a bartender. While talking to Todd, I realized he was a GM at a bar near by. So, I took my chances and asked for a job. He told me to come in, and I was hired on the spot, and was starting the next day. From my first night behind the bar, I knew there was something between us. We would talk all day, every day, and at work we would always catch each other looking at each other. About a month into working together, he finally made a move, and kissed me. We had agreed to keep it a secret because I was still newly single, and him and my ex were in the same Frat- so basically, we did not want things to get ugly. We continued to see each other, and everything was perfect. I do not think a day went by that I did not have a smile on my face. Six months later, we finally made it “FBO” and official to the world that yes, we were dating.

how they asked: So, as mentioned previously, Todd and I met in Orlando at school (He is from Long Island, New York, and though I was born in NY, my family had moved to Boca, Florida when I was 10). When he graduated college, he thankfully decided to stick around an extra year and a half, letting us remain together in the same city. In May of 2013 I graduated college, and decided I wanted to move back to New York. Todd had no second guesses, as he was so happy I wanted to go back to where he called home as well.

The winter of 2013-2014 was horrible. It snowed every weekend, non stop, and was freezing to say the least. We needed a vacation, desperately, to somewhere warm. Since we both work, we took a look at our calendars to see if there were any long weekends coming up, and thankfully, there were! We decided to book a trip Presidents Day Weekend, which happened to also be Valentines Day weekend. Destination: ORLANDO, FL. We had wanted to visit friends, family, and neither of us had been back to visit Orlando since I graduated, so why not! (Clearly, Todd had more up his sleeve when picking this destination).

While booking our trip, we were looking at touristy things to do, since we never got the chance to when we went to school. We decided to swim with dolphins one day since I had never done this, and do epcot drinks around the world another day with all of our friends. I was so excited! We also arranged for my parents to come up for a night to see us since we had not seen them in a few months either (again, Todd had more up his sleeve with this part too!).


YAY, the weekend had arrived, time for Florida!! To back track a little- as I mentioned, it had been a horrible winter, and of course it decided to snow the few days before our trip resulting in our original flights getting cancelled. Somehow, after hours of phone calls with airlines, and on the computer looking up flights, Todd managed to find us a new flight, and it was the ONLY flight the morning we left that did not get cancelled or delayed. THANK GOSH!!!

It was the morning of Valentines Day! We woke up, and headed to Discovery Cove where we would swim with the Dolphins. We were in a group with about 8 other people, and we all took turns swimming, petting, and playing with the dolphins. After the session was over, they called Todd and I back into the water and they said “our picture had come out blurry, so we need to take another one.” So, we pose for the “new picture.” They then told us that since we were back in the water, they were going to have the dolphin do one last trick for us. The instructor told me to hold out my arms as if I was going to grab something, and Todd was instructed to stand behind me. We saw the dolphin swim away, jump up in the air to grab a buoy, and swam back to me with the buoy in its mouth. The dolphin handed the buoy to me in my arms, and on the buoy it read, “Jessi, Will You Marry Me?” I immediately thought the dolphin was asking to marry me, and I replied, “aww yes dolphin, Ill marry you!!” I was clearly wrong when Todd then turned me around, and looked at me in the eyes and said, “No, its ME asking to marry you!!!!” I instantly jumped up in his arms, crying of happiness yet still not believing it, and said yes yes yes yes yes!!! Todd then brought me over to the table where the most GORGEOUS ring was sitting in the box, got down on one knee, and proposed.



I then learned, he had invited all our friends from out of town to come to Orlando for the weekend to surprise me and celebrate with us, as well as my parents.