Jessica and TJ

How We Met

It was the day after Christmas and my coworker invited me to the bar with friends. He talked nonstop at work about his buddy TJ. At the time I wasn’t looking for a boyfriend but that night changed my life. When I saw him walk through the door, everything changed. We talked all night, exchanged numbers and had our first date a few nights after.

how they asked

On our 4 year anniversary TJ took me out to dinner to celebrate. He had fooled me up to this day, by sneakily getting my family and his family to my parents house that night without me second guessing it! He knew I wanted my family present somehow. My dad had recently passed away in November, so the fact that he chose my parents house, means so much to me. I know he was there! All the reasons that our family was there that night were different. My brother and his wife had told me days prior that they were going to be down this way for a doctors appointment and we’re going to have dinner with Mom. I didn’t think anything of it. TJ called me the day of saying his car was acting up again, which he had been having troubles with it for weeks, and his dad and brother were coming to look at it while we were out. His dad had come before this night to help so again, I didn’t think anything of it. Tjs mom texted him later in the evening and asked if she could come down and could keep mom company while the men work on the car. Tuesday’s were usually their family dinner days so she and TJs sister would’ve been by themselves, so again I didn’t think anything of it. After dinner we got back to the house and everyone was sitting in the living room. TJ is big into magic and my sister in law had never seen any of TJs magic tricks. So she asked to see one. I became his lucky volunteer. He had me pick a card out of the deck, show everybody but him, and put it back into the deck without him seeing where. I had picked the ace of hearts. He went through the deck and found my card, which wasn’t a shock because he’s amazing at card tricks. I still don’t know how he does them! After he found my card he had me sandwich it in my hands and asked for a sharpie. He said he was going to try and write a message on it. All he did was wave the sharpie in the air above my hands. He said, “look at the message I wrote for ya.” When I flipped over the card, I actually dropped it in surprise. But hands down, it was the best card trick ever.