Jessica and Tim

Image 5 of Jessica and TimHow we met: I was an events coordinator for a local non-profit. Tim worked for a company that had supported us over the years. There was a bit of miscommunication in one of the donations that his company was supposed to give to us and we never received the sponsorship check. Just like in all business, every penny mattered, but to us, being a small, local non-profit, every penny not only mattered but was crucial to our daily objectives. I was tasked with tracking down the money from Tim’s company to add it to our annual revenue budget. Because Tim’s role for his company received a ton of donation requests daily, it was nearly impossible to get a hold of him. Me and my team called every day for a good month…to no avail. However, as coincidence would have it, I found out that my twin sister worked with Tim’s best friend and I was able to get a hold of him through her. When I finally got to talk to Tim he explained how he didn’t call us back because he thought we were just calling for another donation. He then proceeded to tell me how embarrassed he was about not calling back and about not getting us the sponsorship check that his company had promised. He acted very quickly and was able to get us the money owed. And (whether or not it was because of his conscience) he also helped us with future donations. Some time started to pass and he continued to help with numerous events and sponsorships…ultimately getting to know me better and asking me out on our very first date.

how they asked: After a normal invite by my twin sister to a New Year’s day brunch I was set to have a very nice day off of work. Tim said that he would meet us at breakfast because he was running late. As the minutes passed, and Tim didn’t show up, I started to wonder where he was. Just as I was starting to get irritated the waiter stopped by the table with a card with my name on it. Inside the card was a sweet note and a “clue” from Tim. At that point, I thought I was just in for a special date day to start the new year. I followed the clues to three different places in town that have meant SO much to us over our relationship, ultimately ending up at the park that has always been our get-away together. It had snowed the last week of December so the park was quiet, peaceful and filled with white beautiful snow. In the park, Tim was standing by three park benches, by himself, with a huge smile on his face. As I walked up to him (through the snow) he smiled and said “you found me!” I had found him and thought our date was about to start…but then was caught completely by surprise when Tim asked me to stop (five feet from him) and music began to play. Tim then picked up hand written poster cards and started to flip through them as my eyes filled up with joyful tears and my heart filled up with love. Honestly, the cards were a blur as I couldn’t believe the man of my dreams was standing in front of me asking me to be his forever. “You pick me up when I’m down” “We make a great team” “For as long as I live” the cards read as Tim steadily went through them one by one…and then concluded with the ultimate question, “Will You Marry Me?”

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