Jessica and Taylr

Image 1 of Jessica and Taylr

How We Met

We met in my dorms lounge area. I was with my friends playing ping pong and his and his friends cam and asked to play with us!

How They Asked

We went to take photos for one of his friends starting her photography business. He told me she wanted us to model for her website. I didn’t think anything of it and was excited to take pictures. We took pictures on a beautiful trail. We took a picture where I was in front of him and he was holding the ring behind me as a “sneak peak” but when he went to put the ring away it fell out without him knowing. So the next picture he had me sitting in his knee and when we went to get up he tuned me around and pulled out the box. It was so sweet and I was in tears until he opened the box.. there was no ring😂 he went into panic mode and stared checking all his pockets and friends pockets for about 2 mins to find it sitting right by his foot! We did a take two with the ring and of course I said YES! It wasn’t his plan but it’s our story and I love it!