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How We Met

Stephen and I don’t remember when we met, because we grew up together as family friends. We went to the same church, and for one year, also attended the same elementary school. Stephen was best friends with my brother for many years, so our families often spent time together at social events, camp outs, holiday gatherings, etc. As years went on, Stephen began to stand out among my brother’s friends as someone quite special, and my crush began to develop. We grew closer over the next few years and became very good (and increasingly flirty) friends. Eventually, right after I had given up on him liking me back, timing was finally right and we were both ready to see how our relationship could grow.

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After four and a half years of dating (and having known each other forever), marriage was definitely on our shared radar. After we’d looked online many times at ring styles I liked, Stephen told me he had purchased a ring! It was quite exciting, but also time to play the waiting game. After a month, I was starting to get antsy but wanted to remain respectful of his timing. I’m a wedding planner and a fan all things wedding-related, so I enjoy following the work of The Yes Girls. I was scrolling through my Instagram feed one day and saw they were looking for someone who was going to propose soon, so I shamelessly tagged Stephen and texted to make sure he saw it. He didn’t reply, but I purposefully let the conversation die because I didn’t want to pressure him. He knows I love watching proposal videos and reading, so that was pressure enough!

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After that one tag and text to Stephen, I completely forgot about it. A few weeks later, someone from my work (or so I thought!) got in contact with me to possibly participate in a filmed focus group at Buzzfeed Studios. I’m a big fan of Buzzfeed, so despite being nervous at the thought of being on camera, I was super excited to go to their studios and possibly be in one of their videos. They said I had to bring my significant other because the video would be focused on our shared memories. I nervously called Stephen to tell him about it, hoping he’d be willing come with me. He prefers to stay out of the limelight, so I knew it would take some convincing. After about ten minutes of “dragging his feet”, he agreed and I squealed with nervous delight.

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The big day to go to Buzzfeed finally came, and he’d been acting REALLY nervous, but it wasn’t suspicious because we were both anxious to be on camera. After I arrived and met up with Stephen, they brought us inside the studios pretty quickly and it all got started. As the video shows, I was completely shocked when the elaborate “Drawing each other’s favorite memory” turned into my favorite proposal video of all time (sorry, I’m a bit biased!). When that curtain opened up, I began figuring out why I was really there. It was the sweetest moment ever, hearing those words and seeing Stephen go completely out of his comfort zone to give me a proposal he knew I would love. And the setting! The Yes Girls wonderfully recreated the scene from the night Stephen and I officially started dating, and brought in so many details that meant the world to me (heirloom silver spoon my grandma gave Stephen to engrave that has been in my family for 9 generations). It was the perfect backdrop to Stephen’s memory-turned-proposal. And, to top it all off, as soon as I said “Yes!!”, some of our family and friends came out from another room. I couldn’t believe they had all been in on it and got to witness the joyous surprise.

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Immediately after the proposal, I started piecing together the crazy amount of work and behind-the-scenes scheming that had taken place to get me there. Stephen, The Yes Girls, and Buzzfeed were behind it all! It was perfect. I still pinch myself every time I think about my proposal and feel so fortunate to have had an entire crew working together to give me the proposal of my dreams.

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I would have been quite happy with a quiet, simple proposal, but this completely blew me out of the water. And, having the video to watch for years to come is truly the icing on the cake. The Yes Girls + Buzzfeed + Stephen-for-life makes me one very happy, newly-blinged lady.

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