Jessica and Stephen

How We Met

Stephen and I met at college at Florida Gulf Coast University. I was the outgoing sorority girl and he was the cute fraternity boy. We had mutual friends and I had expressed how cute Stephen was to my “Grandbig”. Of course she told his friends and his friends told him and he didn’t do anything. About a month later my Grandbig was going on a blind date and begged me to come, I said I would if Stephen would go. He went. We went to a tequila bar and only drank mojitio’s…the rest is history.

how they asked

Stephen is the greatest vacation partner. Our anniversary is August 2nd, so we went on a summer vacation/ anniversary trip every year since we started dating. The first year Atlantis in the Bahamas, the second year an all-inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic, the third year on a cruise and this past year he took me to Disneyland (I am a Disney Freak). When we arrived at the hotel at check in, I noticed how large our room was on the room layout that the Cast Member had shown us, i figured we had really lucked out on the room placement. When we walked to our room Stephen opened the door and hurried in before me and was rummaging through his bag when I noticed there were rose petals all over the room, two Disneyland robes with our names embroidered and a heart shaped ring of rose petals on the bed with Cinderella carriage confetti and a note the said “Jessica”. At this point I just thought it was a cute anniversary note and was more concerned with the robe that had my name on it, when Stephen asked when I was going to open the card I grabbed it to turn around to him on one knee, with tear filled eyes, the inside of the note said “Will you Marry Me?”

Special Thanks

Disneyland Floral & Gifts
Set Up and Decor
Kaley Kildahl- Stephen's Sister | 
Scott Foster
Ring Salesman