Jessica and Spencer

Where to Propose in Parents home - our annual summer getaway

How We Met

Spencer and I met in 2013 one night after drinks with friends. Both parties with different groups of friends. We went about ourselves for the entire night. With the night winding down and everyone separating their ways, Spencer quietly asked me for my number before I left for the night. We had barely talked all night. But he was so handsome, I’d be very crazy not to. I was reluctant but gave it to him anyway.

From there we exchanged texts every once and while for a few weeks, and a few months. And then we were inseparable.

How They Asked

Every year, for the last several years. we get together with a great group of our friends and go to my parents home in Muskoka. We party and just have an all-around great time.

This year, my 5th year of the “annual trip” has to be the best yet. A couple of days before heading for our annual trip, I had a dream Spence proposed! I voiced this to him as I woke up from a nap. He seemed shocked, yet upset. He played it off super cool and just said it’ll happen when the time is right. Little did I know he was about to propose just a couple days later!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Parents home - our annual summer getaway

Fast forward to the Saturday of the August long weekend, where we were parting and celebrating with great friends who have come from out of town for our annual trip.

We played lawn games and had an all-around fantastic day. We spent the day on the dock tanning and listening to music and catching up. It had started to rain so we made our way back to the house. The ladies of the group had approached me and asked to do a ladies afternoon; you know, hair, makeup and outfit selections. Though I found it odd, I was all in! The ladies started pampering me and curling my hair, even dressed me to look super cute. Afterward, he decided we should head to the dock for sunset pictures – I thought it was silly as we just came up to the house and made a little fuss – but caved regardless. We made our way down to the dock.

On my way down I had noticed my one girlfriend who had been absent during the girls afternoon sitting on the dock, with a camera in hand. Still not clueing in, I continued on my way to the dock. It wasn’t until I started looking around that I noticed Spencer standing on the dock surrounded in flower petals. I then heard a Tim McGraw love song playing in the background. It was that moment in time that I began to ugly cry. The moment I had dreamed of was coming true!

Special Thanks

Chantz Wallace
 | Planning
Chantz Wallace
 | Photographer