Jessica and Sean

How We Met

Sean and I met in college, at the University of Arkansas, as we both joined the on campus organization Chi Alpha.

How They Asked

Hot Springs holds memories for us both and I had told him that there was NO way he could propose to me in Hot Springs and it be a surprise so to not even try. Little did I know, I had just issued him a personal challenge.

Sean setup the surprise by lying and pretending to “slip” and tell me that he planned to propose in March. I then proceeded to not stress or think of how the proposal all came together as a COMPLETE surprise in Hot Springs after all.

One of my best friends from Springfield Missouri and another best friend from Dallas Texas were brought in on the plan that had me arrive to the beautiful downtown Hot Springs Park, where he waited next to a double waterfall hot spring. With a setup of his favorite photos of us, candles and eucalyptus, he proceeded to ask me the question I had so been looking forward to! I was so shocked, so happy, and I quickly said “yes!”