Jessica and Scott

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how they asked

It was a trip we had planned for months to go up north in September to my family cabin in Indian River. We didn’t plan to do much on this trip, just relax since we didn’t have much time up there. On Saturday, we planned to have lunch with Scott’s Aunt in Petoskey and then we planned to do our usual Petoskey stone hunting. After lunch, we walked around the park in downtown and found some pretty awesome Petoskey stones so we decided to head into Charlevoix to see if we could find more, plus I wanted to be out there for dinner and sunset. We got into town and went directly to the beach to look for more Petoskey stones. We walked out onto the peer and we talked about how beautiful and blue the water was and admired the big sailboats and yachts. We started talking about our hunt for Petoskey Stones and Scott pulls one out of his pocket and said, “I think I win for finding the perfect one”…It’s the most beautiful stone I’ve ever seen, polished and almost perfectly round, then, he opened it up and got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife!!!!

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The ring was inside this beautiful Petoskey stone that he had been carrying around all day! Next thing I know I hear clapping and excitement from behind us, his parents were standing there and had captured the whole moment for us! Little did I know, Scott had been planning this since he asked my Dad at a Tigers game in May.

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He spent the next 4 months planning the most beautiful engagement that I could have ever imagined! He had made multiple trips to Chelsea, Mi to have my ring custom made and decided to incorporate something we enjoy doing into it by having the beautiful ring box made. We met by chance in July of 2016 and everything has fallen perfectly into place ever since! I can’t wait until our special day in October!!

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