Jessica and Sam

How We Met

I met Jess when I was 16 and we were both Sophomores in high school. 7 years later, we have graduated college, gotten real adult jobs, and moved back to our hometown. Jessica’s dad lives in California and we don’t get to see him as much as we would like. However, he was going to be in town this past memorial day weekend. I knew that Jess had always wanted all of her friends and family to be at her proposal so I knew this was one of the few opportunities I would have to make that happen. It took a lot of planning and help from our friends and family to pull this proposal off without her finding out about it. The day went just as well as I could have wished for.

how they asked

The day started out with her best friend from Eugene coming down to surprise her. Then they went to her favorite breakfast spot where two more of her friends surprised her. After that it was off to the nail salon where another pair of friends surprised her. They then went dress shopping and to her favorite local restraunt where another group of friends surprised her. A limo showed up when they were done eating and took the group of girls out to her grandparent’s ranch where all of our friends and family were. Her grandma escorted her through the line of people to a video I had made for her. On the video were pictures from the past 7 years and the song “my last name”. Near the end of the video the song cuts out and says “for the next line in the song you have to turn around” when she does that, the line “I wanna be your husband I want you to be my wife” is painted on posters and held up by friends and family. The rest is history…

Image 1 of Jessica and Sam

Our Video