Jessica and Sam

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How We Met

So I had moved to Portland from California, to take a job at Providence. After a few months, I and my roommate got really bored and signed up for a gym membership. At the gym, I saw Sam (my fiance) for the first time and I told my roommate to look at him because that’s going to be my future husband, jokingly. I’m not the type of person to try to introduce myself to someone, especially at the gym when I look ratchet. So I had this huge crush on him but I always avoided him or working out by him. Anytime I would miss the gym my roommate would send me Snapchats saying “your hubby is here.”

We obviously were joking about it I had no idea who this guy is or if he was even single.
Several months had passed and I got really busy with work …already forgot about my gym Crush or the gym lol… One day driving back from a road trip I got a message from someone saying “lemme marry you honestly” I looked at his profile and had no clue who he was and I honestly thought he was a fake account because he had like one picture posted. So I asked for his Snapchat and the moment he sent me a picture on Snapchat I realized this is my gym crush who I was jokingly saying will be my husband. I was freaking out screaming and jumping up and down of excitement!!.. I went and quickly told my roommate lysha, she’s like “I guess it’s meant to be”.

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how they asked

So a few months after dating on July 29 he took me on a photo shoot and then took me to our favorite place “the grotto” and he started acting extremely nervous so I was like are you okay? He’s like” Jessica do you love me ?”

I was like yeah whats wrong ? and he grabbed my hand and walked me into a heart of rose petals, he got on his knee and said since day one he knew I was the one and asked me to marry him. I said YES, of course !(:

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