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How We Met

Sal and I have been together for a little over 4 years. We met through mutual friends, and our child-like goofiness, extreme passion for life, and love of baseball bonded us in no time. While I was still living in New York and Sal in Indiana, we became best friends – opening up about our ambitions and getting to know each other’s personalities. It wasn’t long after we started talking that all signs pointed to Chicago, where I could be close to family, and of course, close to Sal. From the start, I could tell Sal was my biggest fan and knew wholeheartedly that I was his. We’ve fully embraced life together and life has been 100% better since we met! We’ve gone from friends to boyfriend and girlfriend, to business partners (we founded a digital magazine together, Binge Magazine) to happily engaged!! We are truly each others best friend and we are looking forward to the next journey…marriage!

how they asked

A little over two months ago Sal suggested we take the dogs for a road trip up to the wineries in Michigan. We both had a busy past few months, and he mentioned that he had once been to Traverse City as a kid and would love to experience it in the Fall. I’m always excited for a trip, so I anxiously started planning. Having no idea that Sal had plans bigger than wine tasting, I started mapping out things we wanted to see/do. As our trip got closer, I figured there would be no way that this trip would be THE trip as he didn’t once fret over my obnoxious itinerary of things I wanted to do.

We drove the beautiful, scenic route the whole way talking about life and laughing like we always do. I knew this trip was going to be special, but still had no idea just how special it would be.

The morning after we got there, we did our normal vacation routine: walked the dogs, worked out, ate breakfast and got ready to explore. We decided to head up as far as we could to Chateau Chantal Winery. It was a chilly, but perfect fall day. When we arrived at Chateau Chantal, we were greeted by a woman named Diana- little did either of us know, Diana would help assist Sal in the most perfect proposal I could have ever imagined.

Diana showed us the tasting room and proceeded to tell us to see her before we left as she’d like to take our photo for their wall of visitors. We found the best spot on the outside terrace and relaxed for a while. I headed inside to get our tasting, but when I got back outside, I noticed that I had forgotten the sheet that tells us what we were tasting. Sal offered to go back in to get it for me, knowing that he could use our new friend to help him out. When he came back out he was accompanied by Diana wearing her jacket and gloves. She took a few photos of us in the area we were, but told us she wanted to show us the other side of the winery where it was less crowded.

We walked to the other side which was even more beautiful and had not a single soul in sight. As Diana started taking our photo, Sal turned to me, got down on one knee, gave me the most heartfelt speech and asked the most important question I’ve ever been asked, “will you marry me?” It was hands down the most magical moment of our lives, and a day we will never forget! I still have butterflies thinking about that moment & how I get to marry my best friend!

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