Jessica and Ryan's Puppy Proposal

Bride and Groom's Engagement in Where did he propose?My dear Ryan and I had been dating for nearly three years, and he knows that I am in love with all animals, so he decided to get us a puppy. She’s a gorgeous German Shephard/Labrador whom we have dubbed Penny.

When he showed me that he had gotten her, it messed up my theory that he was going to propose to me with a surprise puppy. I would have be happy with whatever he decided to do, but that that might have been the way!

The next day we decided to take our darling Penny to our spot in the woods so she could do some exploring. Ryan then thought it was a great idea to put her collar on, which irritated me to no end! We are in the middle of the woods, with no leash. Why put her collar on now? Then he told me to go look at the tag he got.

On that little red heart were five golden words that I’d been longing to hear (or see?) “Jessica will you marry me?” I turned around and he was down on one knee with a gorgeous ring on his finger. Tears rolling down my face I leaped into his arms and with my whole heart, cried out the words he’d been itching to hear “Yes!”

And so it all began…