Jessica and Ryan

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How We Met

4 years ago, Jessica and I both lived in a very large impersonal New York building down in the Financial District. My roommate and I had about a month left on our lease at the time, and had never met any of our neighbors in the building. I mean we are talking over 30 floors massive.

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So one night, my roommate Joby got locked out of our apartment, and decided to wait in the hallway for me to come back home from a work happy hour. While he was waiting and eating McDonald’s of all things, 3 cute girls that lived across the hallway walked up and told him that he could just go downstairs and get a spare from the doorman. He of course acted like he knew that and waited for them to enter their apartment to go get the spare.

Fast forward a few hours, I get home…a little intoxicated. He tells me that we have some cute neighbors that helped him in his predicament. I, having liquid courage, said well let’s go thank them! I knocked on the door and saw Jess and was immediately captivated by her.

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We began dating fairly quickly, and the last month of our lease was kind of like living at camp. We would pass notes to each others apartments and sneak in and out as if someone would catch us. It was really fun, but was probably a good thing I moved out so our relationship could flourish.

4 years later and we are engaged!

how they asked

On October 23rd, I asked my best friend to marry me. It was a surprise engagement, and had asked friends and family to fly in, as well as, friends in town to be in attendance. I asked one of our favorite singer/song writers, Julian Velard, to come and sing a song called “The Girl Next Door” which mirrored how Jess and I met. I tricked her in to coming down to Pier A in New York and surprised her on the balcony with the proposal.

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My good friend JC Schuster helped document the whole day, and I cut it in the video attached! Please watch and enjoy!

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Ryan Howard
 | Art Direction and Editing
JC Shuster
 | Videography
Julian Velard
 | Musician