Jessica and Ryan

How We Met

Ryan & I met back in 2008 when I walked into his family’s salon and he was the manager. I immediately asked my hairstylist Patricia who that fine man was with all the tattoos, but unfortunately he had a girlfriend at the time. BUMMER. I saw him randomly over the years, at different local functions, but we were both always in other relationships; bad timing I guess you could say. We always exchanged those looks, though, and made small talk here and there. Fast forward to 2012 when I randomly ran into him at the restaurant I worked at, which no one under the age of 40 went to by the way; FATE, YES :) I mean, this place was not a place where people in their 20’s would hang out and I NEVER saw anyone I knew! I was running around serving drinks when he gave me his number on a piece of paper, like back before cell phones existed :) It was on from there. We started dating, and fell HARD, quick! Of course we had some ups & downs as every couple does, as we got to know each other, and continued to mature and learn about ourselves. My favorite part of our relationship is how we refused to give up on each other, no matter how frustrated we would get at times. Ryan would mention in the beginning of our relationship how he didn’t really agree with marriage, for his own personal reasons, and how it scared him. I was unsure if this relationship would ever get to that point, and it scared me because I loved this man. It felt like Ryan’s opinion of marriage began to change as our relationship grew stronger, and we would talk about it here and there, but I admit I was still a bit apprehensive. The talk about the future got more serious, and more frequent as time went on. Now, almost 4 years into our relationship, I guess he changed his mind ;)

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how they asked

Y’ALL, it happened! We went to Islamorada two months ago. Me, being the corny person I am, wanted a sunset picture. Unfortunately it didn’t happen & I didn’t let him live it down, haha! We went back to Islamorada (to our fav. resort Casa Morada, shoutout!) just last weekend (June 10th to be exact). This time Ryan set up a video to ensure we had these shots because he knew how much I wanted them the visit before. Little did I know, he was setting up to record the proposal. He set up the video on a pier, looking out at the Sunset of Islamorada, the most beautiful I’ve seen to date.We stood at the end of the pier and waited for another couple to finish taking photos. When it was our turn, I kept posing with him in all sorts of ways, thinking we would take still shots from the video like a dork…I wasso oblivious! In the video, which I cant upload & am so sad about, Ryan made me walk to the GoPro & his phone to make sure they were linking together and it was getting our full bodies into the frame, and the sky. You can see him in the background reaching into his pocket for the ring when I walk away, then giving a thumbs up. I came back after checking and he got down on one knee with the cutest smile on his face. Surprised is an understatement. I literally thought he was joking and told him to stand up, LOL. After my “are you serious’s?”, and “are you jokings?”, I SAID YES! Afterward, he turned around to the cabana bartender who knew everything was happening, waiting with some champagne, & gave her a thumbs up. It was simple, sweet, intimate and perfect. I had been waiting for this moment for 4 years. I’m pretty sure the smile on my face was permanent that weekend, and still is. I am head over flip flops, y’all!

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