Jessica and Ronnie's Virginia Marriage Proposal

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How we met: Like any high school sweetheart love story starts my fiancé and I met at a Friday night football game. Being a 16-year-old sophomore dating a senior baseball player I had no idea where this would be going. things really started to fall into place after we attended his senior prom. We spent the whole summer of 2008 together not knowing what would happen when he left for Virginia Tech in the fall. Whatever we had was meant to sustain more than just a summer love. I spent the last two years of high school traveling with Ronnie’s family on weekends for baseball. From a young age we learned how to maintain a long distance relationship. I ended up going to school 20 minutes from Virginia Tech where for two years, we had a somewhat normal relationship. During my junior year of college Ronnie was drafted to play baseball for the St. Louis Cardinals. Ronnie is currently living in Springfield Missouri playing AA ball while I live in Richmond, Virginia. We have survived a beautiful,wonderful, crazy 7 1/2 year, long-distance relationship. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

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how they asked: It’s Saturday, February 21, 2015, two weeks before Ronnie leaves for spring training and we are having our date night.. Or so I thought. I was told we were going to a restaurant for appetizers and then to the movies. Everyone else was told a week earlier that I was getting engaged. For some reason my intuition decided to kick in on Friday and I had a feeling something special was happening. So I texted my best friend from school, asked my mom and one of his sisters if something else was going on. (As if they were going to tell me). everyone seemed to have a plan for Saturday night. even my parents were going to Costco which isn’t that unusual. So Ronnie picked me up on Saturday night for appetizers at the boathouse.

When we arrived he led me through a different, secret way explaining this was a shortcut to the bar.. “Oh good!” I thought- completely clueless. We walked into a beautiful room with huge windows, and a fireplace decorated with candles and rose petals everywhere. I still thought this was a shortcut and we were interrupting someone else’s night! I proceeded to say how pretty everything was and kept walking. But Ronnie stopped walking and took my hands.

I heard camera clicking in the background and I immediately knew my cousin was taking pictures. And then I was like “OMG” He continued to say some wonderfully sweet things– we both can’t remember!! And he proceeded to get down on one knee and ask me to marry him.

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I of course cried and said yes.

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Ronnie grabbed the champagne bottle siting nearby because we both needed a swig!

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Ronnie continued to compose himself and act casually like we should still go eat before we tell everyone. I said “you can eat right now?!”

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He had clearly planned this out so I just did what he said and followed him to the restaurant.

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I walked in and immediately started ugly crying. Our families and our best friends were standing there to surprise me and congratulate us. I’ve never experienced a more amazing feeling than I did that night.

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It was truly the best night of my life and I’m so thankful we were able to share it with our loved ones. I’m still shocked and so grateful to go through life with someone who is so thoughtful and surprising. I’m so lucky to have had these moments captured by my talented cousin, Alex and I’m beyond excited to marry my high school sweet heart!

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Photos by Alex C Tenser Photography