Jessica and Ron

Jessica's Proposal in Home

How We Met

We met at a local Starbucks! I knew of him because I went to high school with his sister! We met at a Starbucks and had our first date there. We really hit things off on the first date and we kept in touch and hung out. We started dating about 2 weeks later! We dated for almost one year when we got into a horrible car accident that almost took my life. The doctors said if it wasn’t for Ron hovering over me I would be dead. Ron was badly hurt but he was strong and pushed through! Almost 4 years later Ron suffered from his lung being collapsed. He did recover but it was tough. We managed to get through the worst of times together and it has only made us stronger and I now wouldn’t have it any other way!

How They Asked

It was Christmas night, after all the craziness of the holiday! I was taking out the trash and came back into the house. Our cat Leo has his collar on and I thought that was weird considering he doesn’t wear one. I picked Leo up and he had my ring around his collar! I turned around and Ron was on one knee! I was so shocked!! I loved having a private inmate moment to ourselves!