Jessica and Robert

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How We Met

It was December 2011 when we met at Lasell College in Newton, MA. The first night we met Rob and his friends were dressed as Christmas characters. Rob whom was dressed as a snowman. My friends and I took pictures with them and then went on our separate ways.

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We didn’t end up meeting up again until we are back from winter break, January 2012. Rob’s roommate had been talking with my roommate Steph the entire winter break. So when we returned from break we were invited over to their dorm with some of our girlfriends. We all played apples to apples together and had a lot of laughs. Rob won several rounds, he was the quiet but funny guy. The night ended and we all planned to hang out again on the following “thirsty Thursday”. I and my girlfriends headed over to the guys room, we played some drinking and had a lot of fun that night. I ended up staying over there that night with a friend since we didn’t want to walk back to our rooms in the snow. Rob asked for my number the next morning and we began texting. Here is a picture from that night.

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We became official less than two months later, March 4, 2011. Rob was playing baseball at Lasell College and was leaving in less than a week to head to Fort Myers for a spring tournament. Here is our first picture of us officially as a couple which was a few days before he left with his team.

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A fun fact is we both played a sport at Lasell College, mine soccer and his baseball. We were both #16, this became a significant number in our relationship.

how they asked

We booked our first full week vacation for March 12th to the 19th of 2017. I was so excited to go on our first big trip together. We would go see a Red Sox spring training game, then Seaworld and Discovery Cove and then visit Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Magic Kingdom. First stop we went to Lovers Key, which was a public park where we biked to hopefully catch some dolphins, manatees and other different Florida life. Unfortunately, we didn’t catch sight of much just birds, turtles and lots of geckos as we biked the trails. Here is a photo at the park!

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The following day we headed to JetBlue Park to catch a Red Sox spring training game! We ran into to friends from MA and Rob got to see one of his athletes pitch the last inning to close out the win! We couldn’t have asked for a better day or game to attend. I was also able to see a private photo shoot of my favorite player Andrew Benintendi. After the Red So game, we took a trip to the men’s Lasell College baseball game. We ran into some laser alumni and Rob got to see the team play as well as some former players that are now on the coaching staff. Overall it was a successful day, here is some photos of the day.

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The next morning we drove 3 and a half hours to Animal Kingdom! As soon as we got in we saw a brief show of the Lion King. We then enjoyed a massive donut and saw some birds and other animals. My favorite was the gorillas! We enjoyed lunch at Harambe Market (longest line ever) but the food was delicious. We enjoyed exploring the park entirely then had our dinner reservation at Yak and Yeti where the food was also delicious! After dinner we enjoyed the Kilimanjaro Safari ride and our last attraction of the day was riding Mount Everest! Rob decided not to go, so I went solo and had a blast! Here are some photos at Animal Kingdom.

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On March 16, 2017, we were off to Discovery Cove! I booked a dolphin swim for my birthday since it was something I always wanted to do. We signed in at 7:15 am and from there we were joined by our own tour guide. Our swim wasn’t until 10:50 am, so our guide took us around the park showing us the sharks, stingrays, and the bird aviary. We enjoyed some breakfast and went off to feed the birds. Here’s pictures of us feeding the birds.

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Our guide left us to explore on our own around the park until it was time to change into our wetsuits. We changed and followed our guide to the meeting spot before we joined our group. We entered the water with a trainer and were soon greeted by a dolphin, Nancy. We got to pay her and rub her belly, then it was time for our brief tow. Rob and I had our tow and got some pictures of us with the dolphin. We waited for each person in the group to have their ride and get pictures taken. After the tows, we got to cheer on Nancy to do a few tricks and before I knew it the swim was coming to an end. The trainer chose me to do an extra trick with Nancy, I was to retrieve the buoy from her mouth as she brought it in from the deep end of the pool. As I grabbed the buoy the trainer yelled over to turn and read it. The buoy said “Jessica, will you marry me?” The picture describes that moment

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We took some pictures with Nancy and the buoy then were escorted from the water by our tour guide. We walked on the beach to our own private cabana, on the outside the sign read “Sutton”. Inside there was a table with a huge bouquet of roses, a stuffed dolphin, picture frame and beach towel. Beyond the table was a table that overlooked the dolphin pool where a photographer and videographer stood. Rob had walked over to the table where the ring sat in a seashell. Here is where he officially got down on one knee and proposed. I was absolutely speechless about the whole entire plan that unfolded, there were no words to describe that moment.

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Here are some more pictures that we got printed in our package. We have the entire experience on blu-ray. After the cameras and tour guide left, Rob and I had about a half hour to ourselves to let the moment sink in. Unfortunately we were still in wet suits and were freezing, so we found our tour guide and changed for lunch. That’s when I called my mom to tell her all about it, she had been anticipating my call all morning. Rob had come over my house to ask my parents to propose and filled them in on the plan. They were both so anxious for this day. We quickly finished lunch and went to meet a marmoset and from there our guide had another surprise. We got to sit in on a shark training session, we were able to pet and feed the shark. It is an experience that only 3 people get to do in the park a day. Here are some final pictures after the ring!

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