Jessica and Robert

Engagement Proposal Ideas in In his car

How We Met

Most would say it’s fate, but we had to figure it out for ourselves.

Rob and I have known each other since we are 3 and 4 years old. We grew up 7 houses away from eachother in the same neighborhood. With that being said our families became very close. From making him play barbies with me to carpooling to school and going on vacations together, we became best friends. Rob is the kind of guy that no matter where I was at any point in time, he always protected me and was there when I needed him. As we entered high school and had relationships nothing changed between our friendship. Little did I know through everything that he had a huge crush on me! He never wanted to risk our friendship to act upon it. That was until he decided to kiss me at my best friends sweet sixteen! The thought of us becoming more than friends after that night didn’t dawn on us because of our situation, so we left it as is. It wasn’t the right timing and we accepted that it never would be. When I was in a relationship, he wasn’t and vice versa. Fast forward a few years as Rob became a Marine. I remember the day I said goodbye to him as he left for boot camp he said to me “ I’ll miss you the most.” As three years passed by, we always stayed in touch through letters, phone calls and caught up whenever he was home to visit. As his deployment came to an end and he moved home I was in a relationship. Long story short that clearly didn’t work out for the better. Rob decided to ask me on a date for my birthday and for the next 6 months we decided to take things slow and see if we could give could this a shot. On November 5, 2015, Rob built up the courage to ask me to be his girlfriend in his car at midnight. And here we are almost 20 years in the making of living in an apartment as happy as could be!

how they asked

On June 20th, Rob decided to take me to get tacos and to see a movie. We were leaving for Mexico that upcoming Saturday. It was something so casual, and a situation that I would never expected a proposal to come out of! As we were driving home after the movies he kept telling me how much he loved me and told me how happy I make him. As I’m falling asleep in the car in true Jessie fashion we pull up to our apartment. He asked me to get him a napkin out of his glove compartment to blow his nose. I didn’t think anything of it so I open the glove compartment and there behind the napkins was the box! He pulled it out and I was in complete shock. His words to me were “ I know I’m not down on one knee but I asked you to be my girlfriend in my car at midnight, so I couldn’t imagine asking you any other way to be my wife.” Of course, I said yes! That weekend we left for Mexico to celebrate with our families and it couldn’t have been a better trip!

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