Jessica and Robert

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How We Met

My fiancé Rob, nicknamed ET (funny story) and I met at a restaurant I used to waitress at. We had seen each other for months and had a casual talk every time he came in. I knew his brothers wife from years before because we went to the same church. One evening, his brother, his brothers wife and him came into the restaurant. I realized it was such a small world when I saw that they were all family. That night his brother joked about ET possibly ‘getting with me’ one day. We were both getting out of relationships and just kind of going with the flow. One night I was cocktail waitressing on the patio when ET and his friend came in to eat. I served them and we had great conversation. At the end, I told a few waitresses that I wanted to leave my number on his receipt. I was so nervous and all of the girls thought it was hilarious that I was being such a chicken about it. I had never left my number for a guy or done anything like that before! So finally he went to the bathroom and I ran outside and put his change on the table with my number on his receipt. He later told me that he thought his friend was playing a joke on him (because they do that often) and he made his friend write out my number just to make sure it wasn’t his handwriting. ET texted me that night and the rest is history!

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how they asked

We had planned a hiking trip to go see beautiful waterfalls. He left it up to me when to go and where to go. I had one Sunday off and finally we could go. So we ventured off early in the morning towards Shenandoah National Park. When we got there I went into the visitor center to get a map to see what trail would be the best for waterfalls and cascades. The young lady told me exactly how to get to the trail. It would be one big circle trail filled with waterfalls. So we start our hike (without looking at the map) and we see a waterfall not too far ahead. We stop and take a few pictures. Then we climb on some cascades and got a little wet. We climbed out and continued on what we thought was the waterfall trail if you’d like to call it that. We hiked about 2 hours and we could always hear the waterfalls but we couldn’t find out where they were. Finally we got down to the bottom of this trail and we stopped to talk to strangers about the waterfall trail because we couldn’t seem to see any.

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He proceeded to tell us we went the totally wrong way and we had a 2 hour hike back up. We walked back UPHILL for 2 hours through the rockiest and smelliest trail. Later on we found out we were on a horse trail instead of the hiking trail the whole time. I had a huge map in my backpack the whole time and ET said ‘you had a map this whole time?’ I then saw his wrist and said ‘you’ve had that expensive Navy seal watch on with a compass this whole time?’ Finally we got to the top and stopped back at the first waterfall we saw. My feet hurt, I was grumpy and he was such a good sport saying ‘you’re doing great babe only a little farther.’ He started stumbling over rocks and fidgeting with stuff when we stepped into the bottom of the waterfall. I didn’t think anything of it at the time and I asked if we could take one last picture. So he set up his phone for a video and ran over to take the picture with me and instead he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. What I thought was the worst hike ever turned out to be the best hike I had and ever will go on!

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