Jessica and Randy

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How We Met

We met almost 8 years ago by a friend. The first time we met he said “This is going to be my girl” i was like what? you even know me. Then we became friends and after 6 months being friends but knowing he was in love with me i decided to give him a chance. Then the page turned and by the time i was soooo in love with him.

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In 2014 i moved to another city due to work for a year and a half and we had some ups and downs, but then I decided to move back home. I was waiting on this ring on 2015 in our 5th anniversary trip to Disney. Never happened :$!

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how they asked

In 2015 when I moved back to Santo Domingo I decided to come back to water. I started swimming when I was 11 years I left it when I was 15, really I never took it so seriously. Now, after I’m 25 I can swim in the masters league and I’m taking it so serious. Some Weeks ago a friend and coworker told me she wanted to start swimming, and after some days making plans that never happen, that day, a Monday that I never swim, she calls me to tell me it was the day to swim together, I accept cause I don’t know how to say no in some cases. This day my coach wrote me to come to practice because we will have breastroke clinics,So I had a second reason to come. After some calls she went home because she had lost many pounds and she needed a swimsuit, my mom called me to wait for her, we always go together to the sport club. I live one block away so we go in one car, this day the police has stopped me to check my documents. It was a normal day, no idea what was happening. It was so normal, because unless I saw a camera, but I asked and they told me they were doing something with the youngest ones that were going to an international competition, so I just say ok. The trainer said, I want a good start so Jessica stand up the block, that was normal cause I always open my lane in practice. In that moment the all the pool lights went off, I screamed “Who turned off the lights?”, pissed off cause I know they take 15 minutes to start again. The light control are together with the Tennis Court so I thought somebody touched the wrong lights.

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When i turned i just saw a light spot in the middle of the pool saying Te Quieres Casar Conmigo? (Will you marry me?) and a famous song from Chino y Nacho Andas en mi Cabeza (which video is about wedding proposals) started playing. I work for a Wedding Planning Company and we always listen to this song and video, and when i started looking around I saw the complete wedding team.

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Then i saw my boyfriend at the second floor terrace of the pool holding a cord, they tight this cord to my finger and he trough the ring by the cord just like in the music video of the song. Then he ran downstairs and asked me again. I could talk I was so surprise I just shake my head and he grabs me and jump in the pool. It was the best WET PROPOSAL EVER!!!!

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Special Thanks

Jochy Fersobe
 | Videographer
 | Sound & Lighting