Jessica and Preston

How We Met

One day last spring I was scrolling through social media when a picture of her and a few girlfriends caught my eye. I was not friends with anyone tagged in the photo but I thought they all look nice and I noticed that I had mutual friends with each of them so I like the picture and went on about my day. A few weeks later I notification of friend/follow request. When I opened it I was completely blown away that Jessica Miller had added me especially because we are from different states. I thought to myself, today must be my lucky day but what should I say? Immediately my mind spits out the corniest pickup line that any guy could ever come up with. So I DM her and say I’m going to stop and pick up a lottery ticket on my way home today. I thought to myself you are an idiot! Who says that? To my surprise, I got a message right back that said lol why is that? I said the simple fact that you added me most certainly must mean today is my lucky day! She said haha you are quite the comedian, aren’t you? I said absolutely not but I am free next weekend if you would like to meet for drinks. She agreed so we set up a date. All I can say about that night is I was so happy and smiled so much my cheeks were sore the next day. The rest is history and we still continue to fall in love more and more each day.

how they asked

Two weeks ago, on what she thought was a nice boat ride to whale watch, feed the sea lions, and go snorkeling. Before leaving the dock I told the captain that I was going to propose and gave him the details of where I had researched and decided on the perfect location. Right off of lovers beach in front of the arch of Los Cabos, I ran my fingers through her beautiful blonde hair, kissed her on the check, stepped around and down in front of her. With a knot in my throat, I took my best friend by the hand and asked her if she would be my wife and partner for life! She said Yes!