Jessica and Phil

How We Met

Phil was born in Ft. Lauderdale, and I in Miami. We both ended up at college in Orlando. I lived in the UCF dorms year 1, while Phil lived at Alafaya Club Apartments, 1 mile away. Our first year of school, we took over that town without knowing anything of the other’s existence. Year 2. I was SO done with dorm life and happened to find my new home in the same building as Phil. Yes, folks, we shared an address before we even met. One night, me and my roommates were settling into our new home and heard a party happening in the unit below us. As days went by, we noticed that these were potentially some cute boys we should meet. We left a message for the boys on the front door. The boys got the message, invited us to a party, and at that party made plans for a night downtown the following week.

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Jessica and Phil's Engagement in Steamboat, Colorado

Somewhere between the overcrowded bus ride that brought me next to Phil and the dance floor where we killed it for the first time, two hearts became one. We hit it off and before we knew it, made plans for our first date. The days and years to follow involved fun nights, study nights, late nights, early days. We did it all together and fell in love along the way. We attended UCF together, cooked together, worked out together, danced, talked, and grew up together during those college years. Weekend getaways, romantic dates, crazy nights, ultimately leading to graduation. After graduation, we decided to build a home together and share an address again – on purpose this time. Countless vacations, sweet moments, and incredible memories later we are best friends, lovers, and one can’t exist without the other.

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How They Asked

He popped the question on Super Bowl Sunday 2018 on our annual snowboarding trip. After settling into our cozy cabin in Steamboat, Colorado, Phil called me onto the balcony.

Written on a rock amidst the fir trees and hanging lights, the words “Will you marry me” set off fireworks in my heart and happy tears for both of us. I was in total shock, over the moon and ready to begin the rest of her life with her one true love. We spent the rest of the Super Bowl calling friends and family to share the wonderful news!