Jessica and Patrick

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How We Met

Two and a half years ago I went for a drink with my friend and Pat was at the same bar with his friend. We were literally the only four people in the bar and our friends happened to know each other from high school. Since we were the only four people in the bar we started to talk about a dramatic story about my friend’s stolen iPhone, the best “weird beers” (craft beer), what country music we liked best, and Pat’s recent entry into the police academy. We both frequented this local bar a lot and I had seen Pat a few times and always thought he was cute. He didn’t ask for my number this first night (he later told me he didn’t want to be too forward) but every time I went there after that night I would see him and hang out with him. He later told me he would go there purposely to run into me and I have to admit I was doing the same.

how they asked

When Pat and I started dating my puppy was not even a year old. She was a total psycho and the first time he came to my apartment I thought she would scare him away. Instead he embraced her gigantic puppy spirit and played with her, walked her, and didn’t question me when she slept with us in my bed. He comforted me when she left the park without us and ran all the way home by herself, disciplined her when those puppy teeth ate everything in sight, and stayed up with me all night laying on the floor with her when she got brutally attacked. She quickly became “our” dog and she is a huge part of our relationship.

On a rainy Thursday afternoon I came home from work and Pat decided he was going to take Zoey for a walk. I thought it was weird cause it was pouring rain but didn’t question it. I started cooking a burger for an early dinner when Zoey walked in with a little blue box on her collar. It took me a solid minute to realize what was going on and by the time Zoey walked up to me I couldn’t even squeak out a “yes”. Pat dropped down to one knee in the middle of our apartment and the rest is history. I guess I had forgotten about my burger because in the middle of the proposal our smoke detector started blaring and days later we found the frying pan still holding a burger in our freezer which I guess is where we threw it in the middle of our engaged stupor.

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