Jessica and Patrick

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Sanborn, NY

How We Met

Patrick and I met in Ellicottville at the annual Fall Fest. I was playing the tambourine and Pat was dancing his heart out. We still are…

how they asked

The Sanborn Sunflower field was the most popular attraction for WNY residents this past summer. The sunflower field was planted in memory of the parents’ of the farmer that owns the field. She missed them dearly and wanted to do something special to celebrate their lives.

I kept seeing pictures of the gorgeous sunflower fields all over social media- Facebook posts, dedicated tweets, insta stories, etc. I asked my then-boyfriend, Patrick Reagan, to go visit the field with me. With event-filled weekends, it was challenging to get to there. One morning (September 9th to be exact,) Patrick asked me to go to the field and see the sunflowers.

I sported a marigold blazer to match the gorgeous sunflowers and excitedly got in the car! After a half an hour drive, we had finally arrived. The field was busy with visitors and was more beautiful in real life than it was in pictures. Pictures did not do the big, bright sunflowers justice.

We carefully made our way to a small clearing in the field. I was so excited to see the stunning flowers and feel the bright, warm sunshine. Patrick and I have had an inside joke since we started dating in December of 2015. He had a “things to do before 30” list that he created when he was 11. This list contained things that he wanted to achieve before the milestone of turning 30. “Keep group of friends, take care of my parents when they are old, and have a good job,” were some of the items on the list. My personal favorite was the item, “marry a pretty women.'” This one always made me laugh so hard. I wasn’t sure if he was into polygamy, or if he hadn’t grasped perfect grammar by 11. It had come to be an inside joke with us both.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Sanborn, NY

As we neared the clearing, Patrick pulled out the list. He told me that he had accomplished many of the items on this list, but there was one more he needed to complete- to marry a pretty woman. He explained how happy I made him and how special I was. He then got on one knee and presented me with a gorgeous pearl ring- exactly what I dreamed of! I love pearls and wanted one for my engagement ring.

The whole proposal was perfect. To add to the romantic moment was what happened next. A young man came up to us with a fancy camera. He explained he had a gut feeling that there was going to be a proposal, so he had snapped pictures of the event. This young man had been visiting from Florida to escape the terrible hurricane. As he was seeking refuge from the storm with family, he made our entire proposal. We will always have the gorgeous photos he took at the Sunflower field.

A bright, sunny day, a milestone moment, and an unexpected, yet welcomed, photographer who captured it all. This is how they asked!