Jessica and Nick

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How We Met

You know when they say ” you’ll know it when you meet your soul mate, sparks will fly”?! That is exactly what happened with Nick. 2009 I moved to Daytona Beach, 2 hours away from my home town, to find my way through a life I was lost in. Being single for the first time in a very long time I wasn’t looking to jump into another relationship and honestly I was sick of the dating world. Sometime in August I went out with a new friend of mine for dollar margarita night when Nick approached our table to say Hi. I am not over emphasizing when I say.. I literally saw sparks fly! After Nick talked to us a bit he left and we continued our night out.

A month goes by nothing happens with Nick and I. Neither of us pursued anything until September. A random number calls my phone and I answered. Which I never answer numbers I do not know. I click a button to hear whatever voice it was on the other line and it was Nick. He called my work to speak to a mutual friend to get my number. I was shocked, surprised and of course flattered. We talked for awhile with total comfort, ending our conversation with a date later that night. When your not looking that’s when they come. With many memories made, six years later he proposed.

how they asked

Every year for his birthday we go to the Virgin Islands to completely get away and unwind. As the previous years before we had no plans but to relax.

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Our second day there he tells me he wanted to go on a sailing charter he found online to see the other islands. Sounds great! The next day we arrive at the dock to board the sail boat and this tiny yellow blow up boat pulls up with a lady handing us each a corona! Happy Birthday Nick! she says. How did she know it was your birthday? I asked him. I don’t know she is good, he replies. So we board this tiny yellow BLOW up boat and all I am thinking is great what did he book, this is way too small! Sure enough it was just the boat to take us to our 47′ sail boat.

He usually goes big so having this huge sail boat to ourselves was no hint. Sailing from island to island eating good food listening to good music everything was absolutely perfect. The weather, the captain, our first time sailing just everything was perfect. As our sailing experience was coming to an end we were sitting at the bow of the boat taking photos of the sun setting when he kneeled on one knee and with the sweetest most nervous voice asked me to marry him!

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Surprised, shocked, emotional and confused I said YES!! Not only did he completely surprise me but he made his day, his birthday, our day too! June 2, 2016

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