Jessica and Nick

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How We Met

During my first year at University, I would always see Nick around the halls especially since we had mutual friends. I had always admired him from afar but I never got the chance to meet him. That was until a mutual friend invited Nick and I to a yoga class of all places haha (side note, Nick had a legit excuse to go because of hockey). During the class, I was so nervous since Nick just so happened to pick the spot right behind me… After the yoga class, we both got a ride back to our dorm and that was when Nick got the chance to ask for my number! However, God had a different time for us. but, looking back, it all now makes sense why.

Several years later, in our Junior year of college, God decided to rekindle our friendship that led to our loving relationship. After his sophomore year, Nick went back to Canada to finish his degree. All that to say, our relationship has been long distance since the beginning. But, that is okay because it has truly made our love and relationship so much stronger. God’s timing couldn’t have been more perfect for us because through those years Nick and I were able to grow in all aspects of our lives. In this time together I can now truly say I am so thankful for Nick and his loving, patient, and amazing heart!

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how they asked

When Nick first visited me ever, he flew into D.C. and my family and I thought it would be fun to show him around the city. It also worked out because the same day my best friend/ now maid of honor came to the city too. Our first stop in the city was the Capitol, (little did I know how special this place was going to be for the both of us then) this is where we got to take our first picture together and where I first grabbed Nicks hand for the first time and oh boy did the butterflies come hehehe!!

Now fast forward to April 2018, I’ll let Nick tell the rest of the story…

I love poetic symmetry. With taking my M.div I started to appreciate the ancient literary technique called the chiastic structure. It’s a style that starts and ends with the same event and is often used to give emphasis to what happened between.

My story with Jess started in D.C. almost three years ago. It feels like yesterday that we toured the famous buildings, monuments, and museums. I was the happiest camper, not because of the city but because of who I was sharing memories with. Our first stop of the trip, we stopped at the capital building. It has a beautiful garden in the back, and after several photos, Jess grabbed my hand for the first time. To some, it might sound elementary by making a big deal of holding hands. But, despite being a simple act, for me, it symbolized the start. It symbolized that we are to be more than friends.

Fast forward (almost three years) we came back to this momentous spot and I planned to ask Jess to grab my hand for our next step together! I remember her telling me that she wouldn’t want this special moment without her special loved ones, her family, and my family; so it was important to me that I get everyone there. It was here that Jess She said yes!

After I got off my knee, a Capitol security guard came over and asked if Jess and I would like to take photos on the capital building steps (a place where nobody is allowed to go) and we took photos where past presidents have stood. We stood in a place with so much history, and we were allowed to take a piece of that for ourselves. God took my simple plan and made it 10x more special for Jess and I. I love my fiancé so much, and I couldn’t have asked for a better day! Much like the ancient chiasmus, it was the perfect way to end this chapter where it all began. Cheers to new chapters and steps on the horizon

Here are a few of the pictures that were taken
(Nick did not want me to know this moment was coming so he had Diana hide and sneak photos so that I did not notice):

To make sure I was still expecting the unexpected Nick asked our family to take a casual photo of us so that we could do a “before & now” kind of thing with our first photo hahaha he was trying to be sneaky!

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A few minutes later… Nick starts reminding why this place is so special, and let me tell ya there were some big butterflies in my heart and stomach at this point!!

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When the Capitol security guard congratulated us and gave us the opportunity to take photos.

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Because Diana got shots from afar, she wanted us to re-create the moment and it worked out great because the Capitol security guard let us take shots from the top! How amazing?!

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Special Thanks

Diana Bellack
 | Photographer
Blue Nile
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