Jessica and Nick

How We Met

“It was Labor Day weekend and it was a Sunday, we both had Monday off!! Now I never go out on Sunday’s but for some reason I did. Funny thing about love is he also never went out on Sunday’s too. But that Sunday he did. I saw him across the room with his friends and I just had to meet him someway. So I asked the waitress for a piece of paper and a pen. Wrote him a note telling him how handsome he was and to call me. I then walked up to him in front of all his friends and handed him the note and walked away. Except he didn’t let me walk away, we spent the rest of the night talking and well the rest is history.”

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how they asked

About a month ago I was in a car accident that totaled his car. It was not an easy month, but we were looking forward to making this upcoming 4th of July trip special anyway. We had to borrow his parents car for about a month so that we could get back to Michigan and pick up our new car! Sunday July 2, 2017 we had an amazing day planned in Traverse City, MI. We have a couple that we are close with, that live in Michigan meet us up there. We went to the Cherry Festival and being a Chicago native I had no idea how big these festivals are in small towns. I am so used to the Chicago fest but this one gave Chicago a run for her money! After the Cherry Festival we went to a winery to do some wine tasting. It was beautiful the wine was amazing, and we of course had to take some pictures. So off we went to take photos by the vineyards, we decided to break the rules and sneak into the vineyards. This is where is all happened. He knelt down on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him, I didn’t even look at the ring right away because I was a sobbing mess, but once I did I couldn’t help the tears all over again. Spoiler alert: I said yes!

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From family loaning us a car so we could get back to Michigan and enjoy this trip off. To the ring being able to get made in half the time. To our friends making sure I have all the videos and pictures I need. His home town values made this city girl feel all the love.