Jessica and Nicholas

How We Met

Nicholas and I met when I was 13 years old in grade 8 and he was 14 years old in grade 9. My friend has asked me to go to the mall with her to meet up with a cute high school guy she had met on a social media site. Me, my boyfriend at the time and my friend all went to the mall to meet up with this “guy” little did I know I would be marrying this “guy” 11 years later. Nicholas and I went to the same high school and even had classes together one year, we also had many mutual friends but we never dated or really hung out. After I graduated high school I ran into Nicholas one day and we were talking about our plans after high school, it just so happened we were both going to the same university for the same program, taking the same bus to school everyday. However we were both in relationships, but we formed a funny and genuine friendship very quick after sitting together on the bus everyday to and from school. About two years went by, and at this point we were both single. One summer before school started up again Nick kept asking me to go out with him, however I was not looking for a relationship at the time. After weeks of asking me to go on a date, I finally agreed to go out one night. After a drive and subway ride downtown, a fun filled night with dinner, drinks and a long two hour trip via every form of transportation home, I had just experienced the best night of my life. When I went to school that following Monday my best friend had asked me how my date had gone, I replied… I am going to marry that guy!

how they asked

It was the May 2-4 weekend and we were all really excited to start off our long weekend up north at my family’s cottage. Nick and I were planning on heading up Friday morning to meet my family, however my Friday morning started a little differently then I was expecting. He came to my house earlier then we had planned and was really excited which I assumed was for the long weekend, he then went on to make me a wonderful breakfast. As I was eating breakfast my phone went off with the hot song at the time Cheerleader… really confused I went over to turn my phone off when I noticed a message attached to the alarm it read “ get ready for your nail appointment at 10 am”. As I looked at him with a confused look he explained that it was a surprise for me to get pampered before we left for Mexico that upcoming Wednesday. I hesitated at first but couldn’t say no to getting pampered. I went to the appointment as expected and came home, when I was greeted with another alarm message, this time telling me to pack an overnight bag… assuming for the cottage. When I called him to find out the details, he informed me that we were actually going away for the night somewhere else and would be heading up to the cottage on Saturday instead.

I automatically started to freak out and was really confused. My parents even played along the whole time and acted as if they didn’t know what was going on either. He had spent the last few months really busy working and studying, as he was completing his apprenticeship. This left me missing him night after night as we didn’t get to hang out very much and said he wanted to spend some alone time with me before we headed up north to make it up to me. I was thrilled with the idea, but was left in the dark the whole ride to our unknown destination.

Once we approached the Yorkville area of Toronto (my most favorite spot) I started to get really excited, we then pulled up to the most amazing place, The Hazelton Hotel. We entered the hotel and went up to our room, when I opened the door I was shocked to see the most beautiful room in the heart of Yorkville, with an amazing French door balcony filled with candles, white hydrangeas and pictures frames with photos of us over the years. The first thought that came into my mind was “oh my goodness he is going to propose”, however he just went on to say how he wanted this day to be extra special for the two of us.

As I explored the massive room and entered the walk in closet, there was even a brand new outfit from head to toe waiting for me. Before I could even ask what that was for, there was a knock at the door, and my friend and most amazing makeup artist was there! Nick went on to tell me to relax and get my hair and makeup done for dinner later that evening at my favorite restaurant Sassafraz and wear my new outfit. I got my makeup and hair done while looking out into Yorkville, sipping on some wine and snacking on chocolate covered strawberries. I was close to being ready, when there was another knock at the door, and in walked in my makeup artist’s friend/photographer, who my makeup artist had told me was going to stop by to take photos of her doing my makeup for her new website. He went on to photograph the last and final touches; little did I know they all had something up their sleeve.

Image 1 of Jessica and Nicholas

Image 2 of Jessica and Nicholas

I then went and put on my new outfit and was ready for dinner, just as Nick entered the room looking all-dapper in his suit. As we were about to head out the door for dinner, he told me he had a gift for me- he pulled out a Tiffany bag and my heart started to race, he then pulled out a Tiffany box…. that was not a ring box. As he opened the Tiffany box, I noticed it was a beautiful pair of Tiffany silver knot earrings, which he explained were his recently passed mother’s. At this point we were both in tears and he continued to explain that this whole set up was his way of thanking me for being there for him and helping him get through a very terrible time of his life. He said he wanted me to have a piece of his mom and that she cared for me very much. When we finally composed ourselves we headed out the door, and walked through the beautiful streets of Yorkville to Sassafraz for dinner.

We enjoyed a beautiful dinner and some glasses of wine and of course each other’s company. When dinner was through the evening turned out to be beautiful out and he asked if I wanted to go for a walk after dinner. We walked across the street to the beautiful courtyard that had all the cherry blossom trees in full bloom. As we crossed the street and started walking something stopped me in my tracks, I heard “our” song playing. He kept asking me to walk but I was so fixated on our song playing, and I noticed it was being played on a violin. At this point I started to clue in something way going on, I started freaking out and looking around, I noticed a violinist standing under the blossom trees where we were heading. I started balling the rest of the way, Nick lead me down the aisle under a canopy of cheery blossoms where the ground was filled with flowers and candles. The violinist continued to play “our songs” as Nick got down on his one knee and said the most beautiful words to me and asked me to marry him! We were both in tears of such happiness and we hugged, kissed and danced while the violin played under the canopy of blossoms and the photographer captured it all.

Image 3 of Jessica and Nicholas

Image 4 of Jessica and Nicholas

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Once the shock settled in and everyone that stopped to watch out magical moment and congratulate us went on their way we got to take beautiful photos in the courtyard. We then all entered back to Sassafraz where we were greeted with more smiles and congratulating words. We then called our family and closest friends while enjoying some champagne and sweet treats next to a live piano player. We ended our night with our stay in the beautiful Hazelton Hotel and breakfast in bed the next morning.

Image 6 of Jessica and Nicholas

The rest of the weekend we went to share our news with our family and enjoyed all of the celebrations. The icing on the cake was being able to share a trip down south together before all the fun wedding planning began.

Image 7 of Jessica and Nicholas

Special Thanks

Derek Hui
 | Photography
Roenna Tara
 | Hair & Makeup