Jessica and Nando


My fiancé Nando told me nothing except an address which turned out to be an airport. I was sweating nerves since I hate heights!

It turned out that he planned a helicopter ride for my dad and I. I am very close to my father so it was even more special that he could experience this ride too. We flew for twenty minutes and then down below I saw giant white letters that read “Will You Marry Me?”!

When we got to the ground, I realized family took off work to be there to celebrate with us and in the video you can see we let go of 40 heart balloons and a BEAUTIFUL painting my fiancé painted!

I honestly had no clue he could paint on that level and I almost fainted from shock. The whole day was a dream and every time I watch the video I still do not believe that it’s Nando and I!



Our Video

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