Jessica and Mike

Where to Propose in South Yuba River Trails

how they asked

It was supposed to be a normal day going hiking with our friends. We met our friends at the trailhead after going to the wrong one. We walk the entire trail along the trialed there were a ton of different bridges but one stood out it was long but had a 90 degree turn and had gorgeous greenery all around it. So while we are on our way back on the trail he kept wondering and saying I want to get a picture on that “L” shaped bridge. I thought okay that would be nice. Now I had no idea what was going on, I thought we were just hiking with friends and taking pictures. So we arrive at the bridge and his friend sets up his camera and tripod. We go down and pose like a couple going to the prom. His friend shouts to us get creative with them.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in South Yuba River Trails

So I have the idea lets do the kissing pose. So as we take a couple of shots mid-kiss he stops and says I love you, all while getting down on one knee. I was shocked!!! Once it all came to me what was going on I of course started ugly crying. I have been waiting for this moment for some time now. Oh course I said yes and i will never forget his smile….grinning ear to ear with happiness. He is the most wonderful man, my one request was for him to get it on camera, and he went beyond that.