Jessica and Mike

Image 2 of Jessica and Mike

How We Met

We met on OkCupid – he messaged me first and we hit it off! Our first date was a month later at the Orlando Science Center, where we walked around, laughed, and talked. He was very sweet and I knew I saw something special in him.

How They Asked

Wednesday, July 29, 2020, started as a normal workday. I went through my day, as usual, texting Mike like normal until he texted me about wanting to go to Dickson Azalea Park. He was insistent on wanting to go around 7 pm and I told him that I had my church Bible study group at 7 so I didn’t know if we could go. Then he was very persistent and tried to entice me to go to the park. Then I found out Bible study was canceled so I told him we could go to the park. He said “Ok yay”. I tried to act natural, so I didn’t put on any makeup and I put on casual cute clothes. Then he came over and was wearing a POLO with JEANS which he never does. He tried to play it off that he didn’t have clean laundry so he had to wear that. Then we went to Dickson Azalea Park and walked around in the rain and he was asking me if I love him, and I said yes, and we walked with our arms behind each other’s backs and came around a corner. Under the bridge were 52 sunflowers (the most he could find) and candles, a sign, a blanket, and champagne. He was still asking me if I love him, and then if I would love him forever. I said yes, then he got down on his knee and said “Since you said you’ll love me forever, will you marry me?” I started crying and then I said “Yes” and we hugged and kissed. His family was there taking pictures. We took photos, toasted with our champagne, and kissed. We went around the park and took photos with my new ring and fiancé. It was so special and magical and we love each other so much and are excited for our lives together!

Image 2 of Jessica and Mike

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