Jessica and Mike

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Cliff’s of Moher, Ireland

How We Met

Mike and I met one year after I graduated from college. I was just finishing up my one year of service as an AmeriCorps Vista when I received word that I got a job at a college near my hometown. I was super excited to be getting into the field that I had dreamed of working in but was not totally thrilled about moving back home. Once I moved back home and was settled in, my mom noticed that I was kind of down in the dumps about being back home after having so much independence for the last 5 years. She suggested that I join a new gym in the area and said, “you never know, you may meet someone there!”. Of course, I rolled my eyes and insisted that I would never meet anyone at a gym in my hometown. However, I took her advice of joining a new gym and when I went to the gym to sign up, the lady at the front desk told me that I get two free personal training sessions with the trainer of my choosing. After looking at all of the photos of trainers that they presented, I was a bit overwhelmed and didn’t know who to choose. She then pointed out one of the personal trainers who happened to be at the front desk at the time. This was how I was introduced to Mike. Of course, I chose him to be my personal trainer because I immediately thought he was super cute so why not!

Jessica's Proposal in Cliff’s of Moher, Ireland

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Wedding Proposal Ideas in Cliff’s of Moher, Ireland

Mike and I had our two sessions together and I really liked talking to him and was quickly developing a big crush on him! Every time I would go to the gym, he would come over and say hi and talk to me and I would get so excited. I remember telling my brothers and my friends that I really liked this guy and I wanted him to ask me out and I just knew that something felt different about him. Finally, after what felt like years, I was walking out of the gym one day after I finished my workout and I hear someone yelling my name and I turned around and it was Mike running after me. He later told me that something inside him that day told him to run after me and ask me out on a date. I was over the moon happy and nervous when he was asking me that I made a comment about the phone case that he had and for some reason, I thought there were pineapples on it but in reality, it was American flags so, to this day, we joke about his “pineapple” phone case! After a few dates, we made it official! Mike was a personal trainer while going back to school to get his second bachelors degree in finance so the timing of us meeting was perfect. He was finishing up that degree and was looking for a job in finance and my temporary contract job was coming to an end which meant I was on the hunt as well. We both ended up getting jobs in Hartford, CT and decided to move there together and the rest is history! As I think back on when we met, I remember telling my friends and family that there was something different about this guy. I had such a good a feeling deep within that I couldn’t explain. Little did I know back then, that feeling was that I had just met my future husband!

How They Asked

Mike and I were vacationing in Ireland this past summer just because! We made a pact to start traveling more together and seeing everything we want now while we are still young and without children. We both had never been to Ireland before so we decided it was a great opportunity to check it off our bucket list! One day on our trip, we decided to go see the famous Cliffs of Moher. It was one of the most beautiful places I had ever been to. It was quite windy up there and pretty narrow for walking so we really had to pay attention to what we were doing.

After a while of taking in the beautiful views around us and exploring the area, Mike asked if I wanted to go to a more secluded area to take it all in. When we got there he started telling me how much he loves me and all of these wonderful things that I can’t even remember because I was so nervous and excited that I temporarily blacked out! The next thing I knew, he was putting the ring on my finger and we were engaged!! It was the most breathtaking setting and the most beautiful moment that I could have ever imagined. I’m so excited to be marrying my best friend and love of my life. We will remember that trip forever.