Jessica and Mikal

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How We Met

In 2013, I had left New York, my apartment, my car, my family, my friends, and my job to live in London and start a new life. Unfortunately, nothing worked out for me in London and I had to move back to NY. I was in a dark stage of my stage and saw no happiness. I was trying to find a job and reconnect with my family and friends. On August 6th,2016 I went to Sunset rooftop in Astoria, Queens. I just stopped by to get a drink and asked my best friend Tiffany to meet me there. We were on our last drink ready to go home when I see a man arriving. As soon as I saw him i said to myself “wow he is handsome!” My best friend saw my eyes lit up and she said “you like him? let’s meet him!” I was way too shy and disregarded her statement. Next thing you know he was by me and my best friend introduced herself to him and he then came to introduce himself to me.

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We had a nice conversation, exchanged numbers, and went on our first date 3 weeks later.

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how they asked

It was July 4th, 2016 when he got on one knee. He got all our family and friends together for a BBQ in my new home that I just purchased. We were playing different games like roulette, cards, uno, etc. We also started playing drinking games and couples game. One of the games consisted of cups on the floors and couples. One person had to be blind folded while the other person gave them directions to pass through the cups without actually stepping on the cups. My two best friends went first and I was super excited to go after.

I was a bit nervous because I am super clumsy. Once they blind folded me, I was walking through the cups and when I got to the finish line, I see Mikal on one knee.

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I immediately started crying. I was so nervous and had so many different emotions.

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I said YES and everybody just wanted to see my ring. I was extremely happy!!

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But next thing you know when i look in front of my house, there is a HUGE party bus just waiting for us. He rented a party bus to take the whole party to jones beach to watch the fireworks!

Everything was so perfect.

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