Jessica and Michiel

How We Met: Michiel and I met online around a year and a half ago. I had heard of him via social media connections but wanted to double check what kind of guy he was before I kept talking to him. He knew my best friend and she told me he was a decent guy to keep talking to, haha. I didn’t think we would keep up the messaging as he was a Dutch guy living in Holland but he did for four months!

At that point he came out to a church camp that was happening in my province in June, 2014. We met there officially and then started dating in August. Since that time it’s been many trips back and forth touring all over Europe and Canada, including a valentines weekend surprise trip from him!

Image 1 of Jessica and Michiel

how they asked: He flew back home with me after my last trip to visit him and stayed awhile getting to know my family and lifestyle here. On July 1st (Canada day) we were up at a lake with some close family friends and he wanted to go for a walk. I didn’t want to but he kept asking.

Image 2 of Jessica and Michiel

We went for the walk and two minutes later he was on his knee! I was completely surprised! I said “Yes!” We walked back to our friends and I found out some of them had known his plan. They were all thrilled and it was amazing to have them with us on our special day!