Jessica and Michael

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How We Met

They’ve loved each other since even before they knew they were in love. Jessica and Michael’s story started long before their relationship did. Neither knowing that persistence and time could lead them to the very special moment they will share in March.

In December of 2008 things would change for the both of them. Jessica and Michael both attended Binghamton University and were on their way to a very successful life. Little did they know that life would be together. They studied hard and sometimes partied harder. In fact, it was a party that led the two into the friendship that could withstand time. Michael was a member of a collegiate fraternity known as Phi Alpha Delta (PAD). One night, PAD was hosting a party at their house to welcome the new class. Jessica’s friend pleaded her to go, but she was resistant since she didn’t know anyone there.

Jessica’s friend turned to the internet to show her all the good-looking guys that would be at this party. That’s when she saw him. She felt something funny and knew that she needed to meet him. The party was just the first moment of this new budding relationship. After much deliberation, Jessica decided to join PAD the next semester. Little did Michael know, Jessica joined with an already growing schoolgirl crush. The two became quick friends, as if they’d known each other for years. Like many love stories it took some time for Michael to realize that the perfect girl was right in front of him.

By 2009 the two knew they had something special and shared their first date. It was at Long Island Cheeseburger, a little place where the laughs flow out of you like a toddler in the park. After some time Michael had gotten a job that led him to Arkansas. And again, as the truest love stories tell us, distance makes the heart grow fonder. Michael returned home years later with Jessica still in the front of his mind. With a single call to her they were right back where they were. It was 2013 when Michael and Jess both knew that what they had was no longer a crush. They had been dating now since February of 2012 and the connection between them was unbreakable. By June 2013 Michael decided that Jessica was his Girlfriend. He told his family that he found someone very special and that he was going to bring her to his sister’s 21st birthday. When they arrived, Jessica had no idea that Michael had already informed the whole family that she was his girlfriend, leaving her unknowing of how to introduce herself. Within minutes she was laughing and chatting with Michael’s entire extended family. She had fit right in.

Just a few months later, Michael couldn’t wait any longer and had to tell Jessica how he truly felt. With the Beatles playing in the background, the words “I love you” slipped through his lips like a fine wine. They were hooked. It was the kind of love that you can’t wrap your head around. It was friendship set on fire.

how they asked

After 4 years of making incredible memories, Michael realized, this is the girl he would love for the rest of his life, that no one else in the world could make him as happy and she did. So he set out on a quest. He was to create the perfect ring and the perfect moment to share with her his feelings. He felt she was too special for something not unique. He also knew how much she loved how he builds things. So it was decided, he would have to make the ring from scratch so that no other person in the world could ever have the same one. He melted the platinum, shaped and molded it, and set it. It was perfect. Now of course, he made the ring but needed to find the best way to show her. A book, leather bound and detailed of the entire process. Perfect, Michael thought.

For their anniversary after 4 wonderful years they took a trip to Washington D.C.. Michael was nervous, but excited. Knowing that by the end of the weekend he would be engaged (assuring himself that she would of course say YES) they spent the day exploring all the beauty of D.C. – the Botanical Gardens, the National Gallery of Art, the Archives and even a picnic in front of the Washington monument. It was a perfect day. Beginning to feel tired they walked down to the tidal basin where they found a quiet bench overlooking the monuments. In Michael’s head he knew this was it. With that he said to her, “I got you a present.” He reached into the backpack he had been clutching all day and pulled out a gift wrapped in cherry blossom paper. She opened it up to reveal that leather book.

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After a slight slip of opening the book upside down (seeing the last page first) Jess quickly turned the book around and began to read. With shortness of breath she could barely get the words out describing Michael’s process of making the ring.

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By the time she got to the end Michael was down on one knee. He told her he wanted to love her forever. “Will you Marry me?” he asked. “Yes.” She replied.

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With a happy embrace the two knew that this would be one of the happiest moments of their lives.