Jessica and Michael


How We Met

Mike and I met during freshman year at John Jay College in Manhattan in sculpting class! After the year ended we didn’t see each other again until junior year, and at that time we were both living very different lives (I was pregnant with my daughter!). We continued to pursue our dreams and at different times graduated the police academy only to find each other a few years later working at the same precinct. This time, we were both single and it was not long before we started dating and fell deeply in love. The best part? Not only did Mike and I gain each other but he gained the love and trust of my beautiful little girl Haydenn, and she gained him.


how they asked

We set out to cut down our own Christmas tree and start a new tradition for our family! Mike some how managed to get our families there and we all set out to pick the perfect tree. Little did I know, he had already found the perfect tree. Mike decorated the tree with tons of pictures of us, so many beautiful memories and by the time I was close enough to the tree to see all the wonderful pictures I turned around and he was already on one knee! If this wasn’t PERFECT enough, after Mike asked me to be his forever, he turned to Haydenn and with another ring got down on one knee again and promised that little girl he would love her and take care of her forever. I am SO blessed and so lucky to have found the man of my dreams.