Jessica and Michael

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How We Met

My fiancé Michael and I actually met through Twitter way back in the day. We both are huge hockey fans and had always tweeted about our favorite teams and somehow ended up following each other. Being that Michael is from Flordia and in from New Jersey we never thought we would ever meet in person. In September of 2016, we reconnected and hit it off right away. We started dating that’s December and over a year later was when he popped the question.

how they asked

Since Michael is in the Marines a proposal came quick, but we couldn’t be more ready and excited. We were driving back from Miami back to his hometown when I guess he decided on the car ride that he was going to propose. THAT NIGHT. I knew he didn’t have a ring so I never suspected him to pop the question any time soon. He ended up telling me he was going to go play basketball and dropped me off at my girlfriend’s house (he bought the perfect ring during this time). My friend told me we were going to go on a double date and ordered an Uber to take us to this restaurant “on the beach”. The Uber got lost (LOL) but we eventually made it. As I walked down the boardwalk onto the beach my favorite song started playing (Fix You by Coldplay). Right away I started crying because I knew what was happening. Michael took me by the hand and walked me down the beach confessing his love to me as I said “no way” 100 times because it felt so unreal. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. All of our friends came out from the bushes near the beach and started chewing for us. It was the most magical and perfect moment ever.

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