Jessica and Michael

How We Met

We are both longshoremen and we met at work when we were unloading a shipment of 2,000 cars with about 100 other longhoremen. After driving a car to a lot, the worker gets shuttled back in a van to the ship to pick up another car. When I hopped in the van, Mike was driving.

I said, “What’s the matter, you look upset. You should smile”. (he always has a serious face)

The next time I got in the van with him, he said, “Where’ve you been. I have been waiting to smile.”

That was our beginning :)

how they asked

Mike grew up watching the Rocky movies and he loves them and was inspired by them. I had never seen them so a few months ago, we binge watched all of the movies on a weekend when we had off from work. I loved the movies so much and I thought of the idea to bring him to Philadelphia to surprise him and bring him to the Rocky Steps. That surprise for him turned into a suprise for me!

As we were walking down the steps, he asked if I wanted to hear a story…so he started to tell me a story of a king whose castle was ruined by cannon fire and his soldiers, family and friends fled the crumbling walls. Then one day, the king was walking in the woods when he met a queen coming along the path, a queen that made him smile.

Then brick by brick he began to rebuild the walls and he told her, “No cannon in the world can knock down this castle again because of the strong foundation built with your love.”

Then he got down on one knee and asked me if I would be his Queen.

Image 1 of Jessica and Michael

That’s when I realized the story he was telling me was not a story that he had heard, but it was a story of his life that he put together to propose to me.

Image 2 of Jessica and Michael

I burst into tears, and I bent down to hug him and said ‘yes’ through my tears, and then he stood up to continue hugging me — probably because I almost knocked him over haha. Then he said, “let me get down on my knee again and do this the right way” and put the ring on my finger and kissed my hand.

Image 3 of Jessica and Michael

Two people behind us introduced themselves and said they couldn’t resist taking photos when they saw Mike go down on his knee.

They weren’t the only ones. When we got to the bottom of the steps, a videographer motioned to us, and we looked behind us thinking he was waving to someone else, then we realizes it was us, so we walked over.

He said, “Congratulations. I got the whole thing on video and will air it on the 10pm ABC News and will send you a copy.”

Image 4 of Jessica and Michael

Our Video