Jessica and Mehdi

How We Met

We were friends for about two years. We never flirted, we never really hung out alone. While celebrating his 34th birthday, he walked up to me and proposed that we date. I didn’t take him seriously. He was always surrounded by women, and I thought he was just another “Miami” guy. I didn’t give him my number then – as he had requested. Lucky for me, he always goes for what he wants; thus, he was persistent. After our 1st date, I quickly became aware that this man is special. He’s my best friend; my best partner in crime, my best confidant…. He’s my person.

Image 1 of Jessica and Mehdi

how they asked

My love took me to Eleuthera for Thanksgiving break. We stayed in a beautiful house that he rented, which rested on top of a cove. It was as though we had the entire island to ourselves. The morning of Thanksgiving, we decided to go out for a swim, then we went snorkeling. I’ve always had a wild imagination! When I was a kid I’d often pretend to be a pirate or a fairy or a magician. Therefore, when I actually found a “pirate treasure chest” while snorkeling I really and truly believed I had found real treasure (I guess I wasn’t totally wrong). I immediately dove and reached out for the chest! I was so excited! Once he saw that I was going to open it right then and there, he panicked! “You don’t want the gold coins to get lost in the ocean, do you?!” He was right! I squeezed my treasure box onto myself and swam for shore. Once there, I frantically started to open this magical looking item…. I pulled out a bag, within a bag, within a bag… then I turned around, and he was on his knee! Funny enough, the first thought I had was, “what are you doing down there, we have treasure to open!” THEN I looked into his eyes, and it hit me! And all of a sudden I was holding a ring box. I immediately became flooded with emotions, at which point I got down on my knee as well, we cried, kissed and laughed! It was the most perfect proposal for a person like me. Image 2 of Jessica and Mehdi

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