Jessica and Matthew


How We Met

Matthew: It was a cold day in January and the start of my second semester at MSU after transferring from ECCC. I had just finished discussing a future project with a classmate when I spotted Alex Ward, a new BSU friend, walking across the Drill Field. Once we got close enough, I asked him where he was headed and he informed me that he was going to eat lunch. I asked if he was alright with me joining him to which he kindly said yes. After I got my lunch at Panda Express, I walked over to the table where he sat and I noticed that there were two other people sitting at the table with him and I assumed that the beautiful girl he was sitting with was his fiancé who I was thrilled to finally meet. However, following the introductions it was abundantly clear that this gorgeous lady was not his fiancé! This caught my attention. As the conversation at the table continued I became more and more interested in getting to know her, her and Alex were discussing theology, which was something I was interested in!

I remember that she was sitting to the right of me, and it was taking everything in me not to crane my neck and just stare. Once our lunch was finished, I immediately began to brainstorm about how I could continue to find ways that she and I would have a chance to talk again. This means that I went back and ate at that same table for another week hoping to “bump into her” before finally texting Alex and enlisting his help. This was the best thing and eventually the most embarrassing thing that I would ever do. Once I told Alex of my intentions, he told my roommates. The next time I would get to see Jessica was a week and a half after we first met. Everything was the same as the first lunch except for one detail. My roommates showed up to the lunch. Now, you might be thinking, surely they behaved and acted normal and aimed to help me in general. If you thought that, you don’t know my friends.

After saying hello and explaining to Jessica how I had talked “so much” about meeting her, they then decided it would be a good idea to sit behind her at another table and distract me from our conversation. So, now you’re thinking “that’s not so bad. Come on, that’s just them having fun.” I would agree, if that is where it stopped. After they finished their lunch, I watched them leave and foolishly thought the punishment was over. Then, out of nowhere three signs pop up over the wall behind Jessica’s head that read “Go! Morris! Go!” At this point I lost all concentration. I was mid-story and my jaw hit the floor. Alex bursts into laughter. Jessica sits in confusion. I, after several moments, pull myself together and finally am able to finish my story. After that meal I knew two things, 1. Jessica was smart AND funny and 2. I was going to kill everyone in my apartment.

At this point, I am in full crush mode. Daily, Alex and my roommates are coming up with new schemes to get Jessica and I in the same room. From going on a “group trip” to the movies to throwing parties and inviting her, there were more plans made than could be counted. Finally, Alex plans a Super Bowl party, although neither of us care about pro-football. Everything was going perfect. Alex invited Jessica and she agreed to go. I was on cloud 9! The plan came together until the morning of the Super Bowl. Alex came down with the flu and had to cancel the party. This was it. My dreams were crushed. Until Alex pushed me to throw one myself. “This is your chance! YOU ARE DOING THIS!” my roommates yelled at me. So I began to frantically invite people and find ways to get food together in under three hours. Alex convinced Jessica to go to this new party and bring her friends. Once everyone showed up and was taken care of, Jessica and I began to talk.

We talked for several hours,about everything from childhood memories to life plans and goals, not even watching the super bowl, and when she left I realized that I have to have this girl. She is beautiful, she loves Jesus, and she is so smart. I could not have prayed for a better girl to walk into my life. After this, I asked Jessica to meet my family and if I could possibly meet her parents, and at this point, she had realized my intentions. I asked her to go on a date with me and things continued on from there. She became my very best friend. The day I asked her to be my girlfriend was a snow day (which is rare for Mississippi) and we shared our first kiss in the snow. Now everyday spent with her feels like i’m a kindergarten boy at recess who just got kissed, I just feel invincible! I didn’t know it was possible to love someone this much.

how they asked

Jessica: Shortly after we started dating, I suggested we go on a date to Oxford, MS, a town about two hours from our college town. I am an English major and naturally a literary fanatic so I was pumped to see the beautiful Rowan Oak, famous home and now museum of William Faulkner. However, when we were about half way there, Matthew’s car broke down. Instead of going to Rowan Oak, we spent several hours on the side of the road before eventually being towed and having to spend the night in my home town while the radiator was replaced. We tried to do the date a couple of weeks later, and again several months after, but our busy schedules kept getting in the way. “By the time I finally get to see Rowan Oak, we’ll be engaged or married!” I would joke and Matthew would just laugh. It wasn’t until we got to Oxford a year and a half later that I suddenly remembered my joke. Surely not, I thought and tried to remain calm.

Matthew and I had decided very early on in our relationship  to wait and say “I love you” until we were married. He had never said it to anyone, and wanted to be able to say he had only said it to his wife. I had said it to several people in my life that turned out to be false love, so I was fine with waiting. After we finished touring the beautiful property at Rowan Oak, Matthew asked a lady that worked there to take a photo of us. Little did I know, he had already talked to her. When we went to pose, Matthew instead took my hand and told me he loved me. I was in absolute shock and confusion, but as he got down on one knee it all made perfect sense.



He told me that he didn’t want to spend his life with anyone else and asked me to marry him, and of course, I said yes!