Jessica and Matthew

How We Met

We met through a mutual friend we actually all went to high school together. Brian who ended up being our best man at our wedding was the one who introduced us. We met and starting to talk and see if there might be any interest there. At the time when we were seeing each other, we weren’t entirely sure if we wanted to date each other. It was very much a dance of figuring out what you want and what this other person wants and making sure that this is a good match for your future, but also making sure that you’re staying true to yourself. So one day we decided to go to dinner and we talked it over and just came to the conclusion that we are just going to take this one day at a time and just keep that line of communication open.

Proposal Ideas South Carolina State House

It was one of the best decisions, I think that either of us made, at that time. Just trusting each other and taking that leap of faith to be in a relationship and really just share your good and your bad with this other person, knowing that they are going to be there to support you at your best, and be there to help you in your darkest moment. We are not perfect and we understand that it does take work and communication, but it is a decision that we both made to each other to commit to our relationship and to build our future together as a team.

how they asked

Three years later On our 3 year anniversary, we went to dinner the Blue Marlin in Downtown Columbia, then after we ate proceeded to the state house, which is one of my favorite buildings in the city. I knew that we were taking pictures at the state house For our 3 year anniversary, I honestly did not think that I was going to be purposed to.

Where to Propose in South Carolina State House

So after we basically circled around the statehouse taking pictures, we were about to wrap things up and go home. Matthew told me to wait a moment and that he would be right back. The really funny thing about this whole story, Is that I had to pee so bad, around halfway through the pictures I was like How much longer? So I’m standing at the spot where he’s fixing to propose to me and I ask him, can I please just run across the street and use one of the bathrooms, 2 minutes that’s all I need. Because it was at night the State House was closed and you couldn’t get in.

So in my mind I’m not even really paying attention to what’s going on around me I’m just concerned about finding a bathroom. And he was like why don’t you just wait literally a minute just one minute and Then you can go, and I was like I honestly don’t think that I can, I’ll try. And then he said just one more picture and then will be done, I said OK well let’s make it quick.

He walks away for like two seconds and I’m honestly considering how fast it’s going to take me to run across the street and run back. Walks back up to me and he kisses me, and we go to take our picture and I was like OK let’s go. Then I noticed that he was smiling like really big and just had this look of pure happiness on his face, and I was like wait, what is going on.

So he gets down on one knee and he asked me to marry him. My initial reaction was I slowly backed away and said, “are you serious?” He said Yes, and I said but no really this isn’t a joke this is for real? He said yes again, at this point I’m like 5 feet away from him because I don’t believe this is actually happening. Then he asked me again, and I said yes!

I was completely in shock I was totally surprised I honestly did not think It was going to happen. It was a wonderful night, and my first thought was, I have to call my mom where’s my phone. And he said well let’s just get the car and we can call her on the way home and I said okay. So we’re driving out of the city like we’re going home and then we take a detour. And he’s like let’s celebrate with a drink. I was like OK, let’s do it! We pull into a restaurant called Thirsty Fellows. And of course I’m like on cloud nine million and I’m not even paying attention to what’s going on around me. And so we walk into the door of the restaurant, and again I’m not paying attention to what’s going on. And I turn around and my family his family some of my very best friends Were all there! All of our friends came out to support us and it was a great night. He did a great job planning the entire thing I honestly had no idea, and it was a wonderful surprise.

Special Thanks

Kelly Paradeses
 | Photographer