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Wedding Proposal Ideas in Yoga studio

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Having been living in Boston for the year with my boyfriend we decided to come back home to Toronto for the weekend to celebrate my birthday with my friends and family. We had planned to go out with our friends on Saturday night and so Saturday Was spent with my parents and sister who live in Chicago My boyfriend was spending the day with his friends who he doesn’t get to see very often so my family and I decided to go for lunch and then to a yoga class-standard family things for us! After a large lunch with dessert (moms insistence-first alarm bell I didn’t pick up on) my mom insisted that I change into my yoga clothes in the restaurant since this yoga studio, in its temporary location, doesn’t have a change-room (alarm bell number 2!) Our class was scheduled for 2 and my family was casually strolling to barely make it there for 2! No one seemed to care that I wanted to get to yoga early! As we walked into the temporary studio we were greeted by Amy, a teacher who I have known through the studio for years. As it was 2 o’clock and the “class” was starting, Amy insisted that I enter and find a space and that my family, who hadn’t practiced here before, would fill out their waivers. As I took off my shoes (no other shoes under the bench: another give away that I failed to pick up on!) my boyfriend and I’s song, which is a very unique version of a song, started to play over the speaker.

Proposal Ideas Yoga studio

As it is a slow version my first thought was “what a great yoga song!!” I opened the curtain into the studio and a flash went off in my face. I froze. I looked up and this beautiful quaint temporary pop up studio was filled with candles, roses, photos and 2 yoga mats set up side by side with my boyfriend waiting in the middle. I was physically unable to move. With some prompting I walked towards my boyfriend. I was shaking and laughing and crying all at once.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Yoga studio

Also laughing and crying, my boyfriend got down on one knee, said my full double barreled name, and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.

Jessica's Proposal in Yoga studio

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Yoga studio

I have never been happier in my life. Once we gathered ourselves my family came out from behind the curtain! Ten minutes and his family also joined us in the studio and we all celebrated together for the first time as one family . I have never been happier as I was in those moments.

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