Jessica and Matt

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How We Met

We met in high school many years ago, I had the biggest crush on Matt, he being two years older thought I was just a young girl. Fast forward 8 years later we reunited while I was working at a restaurant, we started to keep in touch but kept it completely platonic as we were both in commit ed relationships.

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About 5.5 years ago we found ourselves both on the market again and began to hang out as friends, it was obviously just meant to be as we were inseparable since. It took about 1.5 years for us to utter the words I love you, even though it was very clear we were head over heels for each other. We moved in together almost 3 years ago and I did not expect a proposal to come anytime soon as we discussed all our ambitions for our future.

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how they asked

It was on our third trip to Vegas in a 1-year span that he completely surprised me. The trip was actually a last minute decision to meet up with friends that were going, we were to arrive the night before them, I as always handled all of our flight and hotel details, even booking dinner at the Steakhouse in our Hotel at Matts request. It was nothing different than our other trips, but looking back I can see the signs, he was extra affectionate, positive and happy.

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After a delicious steak dinner we decided to head back to the room to change my heels and get more cash to wander the strip, but when we arrived at the door he had me close my eyes and lead me through our hotel room at the Cosmo to the balcony overlooking the fountain, when I opened my eyes he was down on one knee, ring in hand, fountains going, flower petals all over the bedroom and a bottle of champagne waiting.

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It was the absolutely perfect personal moment that I will cherish forever. Little did I know he had the plan in the works for months, even asked my dad for his blessing while helping him move a safe full of old guns, the entire thing was a picture perfect story to tell our children one day and we could not be more excited to plan our future together.

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Special Thanks

Warin Marie
 | Photographer