Jessica and Mark

How We Met

In October 2012 I was invited by my friend (future sister in law) to a concert at the Arizona State Fair. I was unaware that Mark, his sister and her husband and their parents were all in on that this concert was “our first date”. They went as far as I had to sit by him in the SUV and at the concert. I get a kick out of telling people that my in laws were on our first date.

Image 1 of Jessica Beazley and Mark

how they asked

Prior to June 2014, we’ve done the drive from Arizona to Mark’s sister’s house in Pacific Beach, Ca multiple times. Taking the same route every time but I knew something was off when we ended up at Loew’s Resort in Coronado, Ca. Mark said we were staying the night there and would meet up with his sister the next day. I was having mixed emotions at this point, pulling up to the white glove service valet. I wanted to climb under a rock as I was in my pj’s, a messy bun , no makeup. I was still in shock as we entered the lobby still not believing we were staying there. We went to our amazing suite with a view overlooking the bay. On our way to dinner, Mark decided he wanted to take a walk on the beach first. I thought “how romantic” but the dream walk turned awkward as he was on his phone..a lot, So, I decided to look for seashells for my daughters that were back home. I came across a lifeguard tower, decided to climb up and watch the sunset, Mark followed. Sitting there with my feet dangling and Mark sitting behind me with his arms around me he said “do you think sunsets look the same around the world or when you get old”. He let go of me and before I could turn around he was positioned on one knee, tears in his eyes holding the ring and said “I want to find out with you”. Of course I said yes! The behind the scene story about him being on the phone, he was trying to find out the exactly when it would be sunset. He was so nervous about the proposal he wanted it to be perfect. I called the girls who were 11 and 5 at the time, to tell them about the proposal. They said they already knew of Mark’s plan because he asked them for my hand weeks prior to our trip when he took them ring shopping. The whole experience was not like I expected but I can say now “Dreams really do come True”

Image 2 of Jessica Beazley and Mark